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    This cord is the flimsiest, easily broken cord I have ever had from apple. Mine stopped working and it's only been a month. I also live with two other people who have IPhone 5's, and both of their cords have stopped working within the same time period. They have even gotten replacements, and those too stopped working.

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    I have had my iPhone five for just over 6 weeks now. I cannot fault the phone; it's great. However, the cable is terrible it has worn out completely. I opened it up to try ad fix it and found that the small red wire inside had worn in half. I don't expect this from a product that cost £500+ and would like a new cable sent to me because I now have a phone on 4% battery and no means of charging it!

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    very poor

    Had this for one week, connection became loose and then completely died. what a waste of money.

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    4 broke since christmas

    Well, we both got iphone 5's for christmas, and we'd priviosly had iphone 4's for 2 years. I still to this very day, have my 30 pin iphone. 4, origional cable fully working from over 2 years ago. So why do the lightningg conncter break so easily? They loose connection for abit and then just die, and now you expect yet another £15 out of my purse? When working the cable is very fast to charge and i like the both way charging, but seriosly, letting the phone down, bad reviews to all my friends and family! I advise to get the adapter from. 30 pin to 8 pin using the old cable, apple stil steals a further £25 from us, but at least they won't break! Fix it apple!

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    I think the charger is good because it is reversible but also its a pain because you can't use the same charger of some of your other devices. It also breaks down easily especially the cord.

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    Like everyone else, I have drawers full of 32-pin chargers. The lightning charger, however, doesn't last. The lightning end has become limp and flaccid (within months) and charging my iPhone is a frustrating challenge. The iPhone 5 is great - but it needs power to work. Sort it out, Apple!

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    doesn't charge anymore..

    i've had my ipad mini for up to 3 months now and the cable cord doesn't work anymore, i'm not paying £15 if it's going to break again. I see people have the same problem as me, that i have to move the cord to a certain spot so that my ipad will charge. Apple needs to sort out this problem and they should replace the broken ones to brand new ones to the costumers.

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    Lead for I phone 5

    Have had phone since jan and during the 3 months I have had 4 chargers! Most inadiquite charger ever made! Not just my fone but lots of friends having same problems.

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    Not up to usual Apple quality standards. Breaks down with normal use.

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    lousy quality

    After using the charger for 5 month, it doesnt work anymore! So far the lousiest charger i have ever used! Please solve this problem ASAP!

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    Like it

    This is much better then the last one , well done apple

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    I love this cable.

    I love this connector/cable. I love that it's reversible. The old 30 pin connector was not and you had to turn it around if you did not have the right side to connect. I think this is very sturdy also. The 30 pin connectors were not as sturdy. I have no complaints.

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    Very cheap quality.

    I bought my iPhone 5 in November last year, and tomorrow I have to go replace my cable for the 3rd time. When will Apple design one of a better quality, that doesn't stop working after a few weeks? I refuse to spend any more money on these cables and will be sending a complaint.

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    It melted

    i have had this cable since the ipad mini came out and i do have to agree it is a lot more durable than the previous 30 pin cable. a few weeks later I went to unplug my ipad and the charger had melted wich caused for a relatively expensive cable and my new ipad!

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    Lightning Fast Faults!

    I still have at least 8 '30 pin' cables for iPods, iPhones & iPads, which have all lasted all this time, with not one fault.
    Since my partner and I bought each other the iPhone 5 in January, we've had 3 faulty 'Lightning' cables each. Yes, Apple will replace them under the warranty, providing you return the faulty one! If not, they will relieve your credit card of £15.00 and leave you with yet another cable which will break within a month.
    This is clearly a very poor design and one which needs to be addressed by Apple immediately.
    Come on guys. Your quality control is going down the pan here!

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    Lightning Cable

    I do think the lightning cable is a step forward. No fumbling in the dark at bed-time getting the thing the right way up. Mine is fine but my daughter's failed. She is adamant that she did not pull on the cable when removing it from her Iphone.

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    Bad quality

    Bought both my kids an iPod for Xmas - both cables not working now - very poor

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    It's great!

    I got this cable with my iphone 5 and ipad mini and it has worked flawlessly for the past 6 months. I love how I can put it in any way I want to into the iPad/iphone and it works every time. This lightning cable is way better than the old system. I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing this product in the future. If there are any problems, apple always comes to the party with a replacement. I had some earbuds for my iphone that weren't working very well, I was frustrated with them but instead of going to apple and telling them about it I just bought another more expensive headphone set. To make a long story short, I went through several pares of other type earbuds and came back to apple in the end because I remembered a previous pair of earbuds that i had no trouble with. apple replaced them without any hesitation. I should have gone to apple the moment I started having difficulty. Apple earbuds are the best!
    It took me about 2 years to be completely converted to apple. I wont use any other brand when it comes to technology.
    Sometimes you may get a faulty cable, but apple will always replace without hesitation.

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    USB cable

    after I had this cable for two months the cable stopped working

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