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    Time for an official Apple apology

    At this very moment I'm living with two people and we all have an iPhone 5. One lightning cable working at this moment between 3 iPhones, with batteries the way the are, imagine the tension and frantic searching through eachothers rooms for that one magical working cable. All of us are meticulous ocd people and therefore super carefull with our stuff, and still, lightning cables break down on us constantly. On my way to buy my third Apple Lightning cable and at this point I want an official apology from Apple for this complete piece of trash that they have made. Flowers and chocolate wrapped in a new cable will do too, you know where I live..

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    LOW quality! not up to the apple standard! This cord is WORTHLESS JUNK

    I've had an iPhone pretty much since they came out. I have probably 10-15 of the old cords, that are in pretty bad shape…ALL of which STILL work! I broke down and purchased an iPhone 5s when it came out and I've gone through 3-4 cords in the last year alone! This cord is a piece of JUNK! Apple typically has been the gold standard for quality…this is lacking everything apple stands for! If i could recommend another product i would, but its necessary to purchase to charge your phone….yet another reason i question if I will purchase apple again when its time for an upgrade. Apple is falling behind on technology and quality lately

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    Appalling. I've gone through 3 cords in the space of 6 months. Very flimsy, and breaks down with regular use. I would give this product 0 stars out of 5, if I could.

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    rubbish... i mean really really rubbish

    have gone through about 20 of these, all the apple ones have failed for x4 iPhones, x3 iPods, x1 iPad.... replacement ones have broken... complete and utter rubbish and overpriced for the quality... doesn't seem to do any good writing reviews because they just do not last... we need these cables yet they are so bad!!!

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    Not good.

    The Lightning cables for my iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPad Mini all failed within the first 6 months. Poor build quality and/or design fault. I bought replacements from Kmart who now do a range of very cheap legit copies. Don't waste your money here.

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    Shocking charger

    Pun intended, but on a serious note, this is such a terrible charger, everyone has the same issue with the cable splitting at the top of the lightening port.

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    let down

    I feel completely let down by Apple as I have bought many of their products but the lighting cable to my iPhone 5s (and both my daughter's iPhones) have failed to work for no reasonable reason, on more than one occasion. To replace these cables are not cheap £15 a time! This is the most usless piece of equipment ever and I feel Apple should seriously look into producing a new charger free of charge to all that are forced to use this useless lightning cable - it is seriously not fit for its purpose!

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    listen to the reviews

    I bought the .5 m cord despite reading all the reviews warning of the terrible quality. After less than two months of causal use the cord is already having connection issues unless held straight.

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    Worst product ever, fix it Apple!!

    It is clear that Apple know (from reading the terrible reviews on here) that their chargers are hopeless and consistently break, however choose to do nothing about it as they are making a killing with people having to buy new cables every few months. I have probably bought about 12 cables from the Apple Store over the last few years. Completely unacceptable. Fix the issue Apple, I'm over paying for new ones!!!! Very frustrating!!!!

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    You guys make the worst chargers in history and its very sad.

    How can apple make such great phones but such horrid chargers. Maybe you need to take a few lessons from android. If my Iphone six does the same thing I AM NEVER BUYING ANOTHER APPLE! I will GLADLY GO BACK TO ANDROID!!!!

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    Incapable of charging to a certain degree, durability > special features

    The phone itself is quite impressive and the aesthetics are great, but all of that goes down the drain if there is a useless charger involved. Normal use or not, a charger should be able to withstand all of that. If that were the case, the iphone would be a breeze to use. I should not have to handle a charger with such delicacy and high maintainence. I really hope Apple steps up their game, start to care less about aesthetics (although, it is nice) and more on the chargers durability. I'd much rather have an unattractive phone with a good working charger, than a phone with a charger incapable of charging. In all honesty, I still love apple and appreciate their ability to make futuristic looking products. However, I'm really starting to consider android and/or other products. Already on my 6th charger and tired of having to buy another every few months.

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    Terrible product

    I seem to be very lucky -- other people report their Lightning cables becoming unusable after as little as a month, whereas mine seem to last 3-4 months. Which is still appalling. But at least our local Apple reseller is willing to replace them. And I hear that Apple stores replace them no-questions-asked. It's still a shame that such high quality phones and tablets are let down by such terrible cables.

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    Very poor quality

    Very poor quality had sevral probleme with this cable.not charging properly the quality should be high comparing to the price device

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    Apple should offer free replacement cords

    This cord is junk. I got these gathers on both ends and it just stopped working. I had to 'McGiver' it while on a business trip to charge my phone. I sliced both ends open with a cuticle cutter and saw that the red wire disconnected. I stripped the plastic, twisted it together and taped it with a band aid. It works, but I am bitter about having to do that when this type of accessory should not fail so quickly. I resent having to spend 19 bucks to replace something they spent 19 cents manufacturing. Unimpressed Apple. I know you can do better.

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    Bad Quality

    These cables are so flimsy. They break every few months and I have to replace them so frequently which is a shame because these cables are not cheap. I really hope Apple will do something about this.

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    accidentally bought this last year to replace a broken iphone 5 cord and was very disappointed. Not only is the cable very short, like the other iphone 5 cables it is way too flimsy and the cord will bubble and break after a few months of use. While i had it, it charged perfectly fine, but only lasted 4 months

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    How hard is it to design a better cable?

    Apple designs the best phones, but can't design a proper charging cable that can last more than 6 months without chipping apart. This is not your first generation product, don't you have a team to implement consumer feedback? The design & quality of charging cables seems to be degrading with each newer models.

    If you acknowledge the problem i.e. poor design/quality of charging cables, act on it. Redesign & replace ...live up to the brand image. Don't spoil the image over little cable.

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    Cable Warranty Exchange

    Not sure why there's so many negative reviews, but I've had my cable for nearly year and it's only now showing signs of distress. Took it to the Apple store today and since it's still within my warranty, they exchanged it for me free of charge. Since I purchased AppleCare+ for my iPhone 5s, my cable is also covered under the extended warranty.

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    If I could give this product negative stars I would.

    I am SICK and TIRED of having to replace. I have gone through no less than 5 cables over the past year with normal use.

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    DISGUSTING quality.

    Never before have I been so INFURIATED by Apple. I have been through FOUR of these Cables in the last FOUR MONTHS. The quality and design of this product is truly pathetic, how can Apple be charging such an extortionate price for these horrendous leads which appear to only last up to a month. Might I add that all four leads, of which are still in my possession,appear to be in PERFECT condition on the exterior, though each one has failed due to obvious internal reasons of which I do not know. As if to frustrate me further, after the purchase of my mac pro for Christmas, within a month of having the product, the same issue has arrived with my charging lead. This is becoming trdiously repetitive and I can honestly say that I will not be upgrading my iPhone to the newest model this continues to happen. I am NOT the kind of person who can afford to shed out 15-20 pound on each new lead I must order to maintain the use of my iPhone. Apple's reputation is truly going to be at stake if they do not do something to compensate those of whom this issue has affected and for the clearly inevitable problems for the future.

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