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    This "dock" is virtually useless. My $800 iPhone 6 sits precariously balanced with only the Lightning connector to hold it up? Is this a joke by Apple to TRY to get devices to fall & break? I have to think Steve Jobs would have nixed this idea

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    Poor Design / Promptly Returned

    I've owned every previous iPhone dock and they have all been wonderful. They changed the design with this dock and it doesn't hold the phone properly. It can easily tilt a few degrees in either direction while connected to the lightning connector. There really needs to be some bumpers or go back to the previous style where the dock was molded around the base of the phone.

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    This will destroy your Phone's Lightning port

    I have been using this for about 2 months with an iPhone 5S that is unfortunately out of warranty. I use it to test how my websites look on iPhone and use a developer tool that will automatically refresh Safari on it when I make a change to a page. So I don't actually have to touch the screen much when using it.

    As others have likely said, the phone can sway a little to the left or right. After about a week I noticed I had to push the phone all the way to the right to get it to charge. As time went on it just got worse and worse and I now spend a good 10 or 20 seconds trying to get it into the sweet spot so it actually charging. It's like adjusting rabbit ear antennas on an old TV.

    But it's not just the dock. Even light lightning cable needs the same amount of adjustment each time I need to charge it. It's exhausting. And I can no longer ask a friend or a restaurant to plug in my iPhone for me because they will probably just plug it in and assume it's charging when it's not.

    I've always understood Apple's "balance" between aesthetic and durability and didn't mind if a Lightning cable lasted only 1 or 2 years. But this has broken my actual iPhone, and I don't want to repair my Lightning port every few months!

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    Sleek, Minimal, and Elegant

    Bought this dock at the Apple Store on 74th and Madison, Upper East Side. Overall, it is great, and the quality is superb. The only issue is it takes both hands to take my Gold iPhone 5s off the dock, it is quite an annoyance. But, it is amazing.

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    will NOT hold your phone steady to let you tap on the screen

    so your phone just sits pretty, and useless, while it's docked. with no physical supports or a recess to sink your phone into, like with apple's previous docks, the tiny lightening port makes for a flimsy, laughable dock for your iphone. tapping your iphone's screen while it's docked will send your phone oscillating back and forth, and side to side.

    when it oscilates side to side, its lightening port contacts will disconnect and reconnect with the dock's lightening contacts. this will cause your phone to go in and out of charging mode—and tell you so with repeated "Charging" screens and "Charging" chimes.

    when oscillating, your lighting contacts will also cross-over to the wrong contacts on the dock, which can't be good. or your phone's lightening port will wear, and no longer connect reliably to your lightening cables.

    this is what happens when Steve Jobs is no longer around to keep the kids at Infinite Loop in line.

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    Good but....

    Great charger except for that it wobbles like said before but now I've got a bigger issue that it has stopped working after 1 month! I'm going to the apple shop to see what's wrong tomorrow but I don't know what has happend it charges normally but not through the stand! And very expensive if I do say!!!!

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    Good sturdy dock w/ occasional quirk

    This is a nice sturdy dock and the fact that it works w/ many cases is a godsend.. Finally Apple! However, occasionally my iPhone 6 has the same issue of not recognizing the dock and charging the phone. It's only happened twice, but in each case if you do a hardware reset of your iPhone (Hold down the home and power buttons until it resets) it works normally again. It doesn't happen often and is probably some kind of software issue that will be resolved in the future. Hope that helps anyone else out with the same problem. Overall, not a bad product.

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    Stopped working suddenly!!!!

    Was happy when I bought this, little did I knew it would DIE in 6 weeks! Need to know whether I can return and get my money back.
    Can someone please advise on this?

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    Suddenly stopped working

    I have owned most of the previous Apple iPhone Docks, and they were all moulded to match the iPhone body shape. This is the first one that fits several different models without an adapter. It will probably work with the next generation of Lightning iPhones.

    Unfortunately, mine is displaying an erratic behaviour. Sometimes, the iPhone doesn't recognize it as a valid accessory, and doesn't charge. Sliding it on slowly seems to help, but after a few hours, the iPhone displays the same error message. At least it is charged, but this is certainly a bug.

    Difficult to say if it's related to the connector's design and/or software. Shame.

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    Perfect for the job, but feels like Apple ten years ago

    I love the dock; it does what I need it to without any faff. The white plastic makes it feel like it's a piece of Apple tech from days gone by though. That shiny white plastic look went out with the iPhone 4S didn't it? I'd expect brushed aluminium now to fit it better with the current aesthetics of the Apple range, though admittedly it might hike the price up a little bit. If price were an issue though people wouldn't be spending £35.00 on this thing; they'd stick with the cable or buy something cheaper.

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    Several Problems

    The good:
    -Love the aux output at the back, its a great feature
    -Looks good as well.

    The problems:
    -Iphone 6 doesn't sit comfortably on top. It wobbles around and rapidly goes from charging to not when it wobbles which occasionally cases the iPhone to crash after showing a blue screen. Worrying.
    -This wobble means you can wake up in the morning and find your phone hasn't charged fully as you knocked it during the night and something as simple as a breeze from a window can mean it stops charging as it pushes slightly on the charger.
    -Every time it wobbles and disconnects you also loose the music through the aux output (obviously) but then the iPhone also pauses the song, creating a lot of hassle to put the iPhone in the correct position so that it charges again and outputs the music.

    -Nice idea, but executed poorly for the price.
    e.g. the iPhone cannot sit perfectly on the dock (has to be slanted to the left or right (for me anyway) ).

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    Who did designed this? Apple?
    My iPhone 5s wobbles side to side and keep the constant disconnecting/reconnecting at the slightest touch. The iPhone will stop charging if it wobbles just a touch to one side.

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    iPhone 6 Lightning Dock

    just purchased one of these, works well, to enable me to charge my IPhone 6 with cover on, I was surprised to find that this device did not have the lightning cable supplied with it, was told that I had to use the one that came with the phone, therefore, not such a good value item @ £35 plus cost of an extra lightning cable! Come on Apple, supply this as a complete device!

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    Suddenly Stopped Working for No Apparent Reason

    How can something this simple fail without any visible signs of damage? One night it works just fine as it had since I bought it and the next night it fails to power the phone when I put it on this charger. I pulled the USB cable that powers the charger base out and plugged it directly into the phone and it works fine, so the problem must be in the charger.

    This is the first Apple product I've bought that I am severely disappointed in. Stay away from this as it seems to be a complete piece of junk. NOT at all recommended.

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    Dreadful and causes iPhone 5c crash.

    This dock sounds good in theory, at last an Apple dock which doesn't require you to pry your iPhone out of its case. The reality of this product is that you have a suspended lightning connector with no back support making the iPhone connection unstable with the slightest vibration destabilising the iPhone and causing rapid connection switching which is severe enough to cause iOS to crash, In addition the iPhone wants the lean back where the centre of gravity takes it making the connection so precarious as contact is often lost from some of the metal contacts again resulting in a confused iPhone which may crash and need to be reset.

    In short I cannot recommend this poorly designed accessory as it defies all engineering principals just to look pretty on your desk at the risk of damaging your expensive iPhone.

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    audio out is not a line level output

    . . . at least on the iPod touch 6th Gen. The audio signal from the dock is still run through and controlled by the volume control of the iPod, and the audio quality is not particularly good, esp when compared to an iPod Classic with a 30-pin dock with a real audio line out.

    But on the new iPod, using the Apple Lightning to 30-pin adapter and a (non-Apple) Pocket Dock with an audio output, the audio was line level, and sounded much better. I think Apple connected the audio output to the wrong pins on the Lightning connector.

    Line level audio is one of the big reasons for a dock, to this one fails, at least for me.

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    Have had 2 stop working

    I've purchased two of these docks and both have stopped working after a week or two of normal use. Plug the phone directly into the cable and everything is fine, but plug the same cable into the dock and the same phone does not charge.

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    No infrared connection to be used with remote control

    This generation dock is not friendly like the ones built in the past for iPod classic, with an infrared front led that could be used with remote controls. I am using an adapter from 30 pins to lightning to play music on the base and using the white remote control. Perhaps find an application that installs infrared on the new iPod touch will work?

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Solid choice if you are looking for a dock.

    A great iPhone dock with solid build quality. While I don't personally utilize it, the 1/8" headphone jack is a nice added feature for those who may. The non-slip base could be a touch stickier and the lack of integrated cable makes it a bit pricier than other options. It should also be noted that this dock props the phone up nearly perpendicular to the surface it is sitting on; a little more backward angle would make for a more comfortable experience when utilizing this on an office desk or similar. I find myself frequently removing the phone from the dock to use it.

    The most important feature here, however, is the lightning connector itself. While there are a number of reviews stating that is makes for a wobbly fit, the reality is that most user probably use a case on the iPhone and this is the only dock that I have run across that allows the use of cases with only a partially-exposed bottom. That is, the lighting port is accessible but bottom of the phone is not completely exposed. This dock allows the lightning connector to reach through cases with a shallow-recessed lightning access area which allows the more protective cases to fit on the dock.

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    Scratched the back of my brand new iPhone 6 Plus

    This dock lacks a back support to make sure that the iPhone docks properly. You have to be very careful each time you insert the phone in the dock if you use a case. Indeed, I inserted my very recent iPhone 6 Plus (purchased two weeks ago) into the dock a bit too fast, and the lightning connector went between the case and the back of the Phone, which it scratched. This would not have happened with my old iPhone 4 and stand, first because the iPhone 4 has a glass-plated back, which does not scratch as easily as aluminium, and second because the iPhone 4 stand has a cradle, which makes sure that the phone can only dock properly. The only advantage of the new iPhone 6 Plus-dock combination is that it can be used with an iPhone case. I really have the feeling that Apple is not as vigilant as in the past when it comes to ensuring flawless design.

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