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    i got this with my new iPhone 6 plus the stand is fantastic and i would recommend to everyone its better than just having to slam you phone on the top plus makes charging more convenient however unlike past docks this one doesn't have anything to support it at the back so its just your device thats standing on it with no back support although thats more me been picky but i would recommend to all iPhone/ipod users :D

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    Worked great until it stopped working at all.

    I bought one of these 6 weeks ago, and it worked great with my iPhone 6. Until tonight, when it stopped working entirely. The iPhone 6 no longer recognizes when it's plugged in and doesn't go in "charge" mode. If I plug in the Lightning cable that had been plugged into the dock into the iPhone instead, it starts charging immediately. If I take that same cable and plug it back into the dock, then place the iPhone onto the dock–-nothing. Played with it for a while, using different [Apple] chargers, cables, etc., but still nothing. I'm taking it back to the Apple Store...

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    Love it!

    The bad first:
    It's wobbles in the dock.
    It doesn't work with my case. (Otter box iPhone 6 Grey and White, mostly White, case, with no front cover.
    Now the good!:
    It works with all iPods, iPads, and iPhones!
    If you only have a 30 Pin Charger you can use the 30 Pin to Lightning Adapter to charge.
    Also works as a stand when not charging.
    Over all, I like it, and I'm not returning it.

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    Works with Cases!

    Finally an apple dock that works with a case. I have the Speck Candy shell grip and it works like a charm...Looks like a case just a little thicker would work too.

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    Not Great

    My iPhone 6 wobbles side to side which would be bearable if not for the constant disconnecting/reconnecting at the slightest touch. The iPhone will stop charging completely if it wobbles just a touch to one side.

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    It just stopped working

    I have had this dock for a month, and I love it. However, out of nowhere it no longer works. I dock my iPhone and it is not charging. If I unplug the lightning cable from the dock and plug in my iPhone the phone charges.

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    Finally, a one fits all dock!

    Well designed yet simple dock. Works with my iPhone 6 and my partners iPhone 5s both while in Apple leather cases. Wish it came with a lightning cable included for the cost, or at least make it more reasonable.

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    Nice, well-built dock!

    Using it currently with an iPhone 6 and an Apple leather case. The dock is solid and hefty, which makes it easy to dock and undock the iPhone. For the price, however, the dock should have included a lightning cable at the bare minimum.

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    Not great

    I've owned every iPhone dock that Apple has ever made. This one is my least favorite. On this one, there's no "cradle" for the base of the phone to sit in; you simply plop the phone's Lightning port over the connector. The problem is that on this dock the phone isn't held securely--it wobbles back and forth and often sits crooked on the dock.

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    High Quality Dock

    I bought this to go with my iphone 6 and its great.

    Feels well made, bright white polished plastic with grippy rubber foot. Useful as it covers so many models.

    Actual Lightning Connector has a slight amount of flex.

    Only 4 stats due to hike in price over older docks, this should be priced around £20!

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