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    Lasted only 8 months of unplugging once a day. Just stopped working one day! Now I'm forced to charge my macbook using the usb-c port on my origin laptop.

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    Lasted a month

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    The charger the iPad Pro never had..

    You may have thought that buying a huge £800 iPad Pro was a good idea at first, until you realised that it takes all day to charge with that pathetic 12W charger it ships with - and then apple releases this. My iPad used to deplete charge while I was using it and charging it at the same time, until I reluctantly bought this instead.

    First of all, this charger is amazing, it's super fast. A full charge on the standard 12W charger took over 5 hours in total - a complete joke! But with this, it will now charge up in LITERALLY half that time. However, this charger doesn't deserve five stars because £39 is so much money, and of course the USB-C cable is sold separately for £35 (NOTE: You can't use your old USB leads with this, as this uses the newer USB-C input), which means that in total I paid £74 for a replacement charger which should have been included with the iPad Pro from day 1. Still, what do you expect? This kind of Apple behaviour is becoming far less uncommon. All of Apple's 1st party accessories are ridiculously overpriced now. Still, this is the best and only solution to fast charging your massive iPad Pro. In this case, there aren't any 3rd party accessories which do the job, so it's this or you just accept what you already have.

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    Should be included with the iPad Pro 12.9

    The product itself works fine, albeit very expensive once you add the cable needed. My disgust is aimed at Apple for not including it with the iPad Pro 12.9. I purchased five iPad's for my business and soon found that the included method of charging was so slow as to present a significant problem. This unit is clearly the correct charger for this model iPad. So on top of the £5K I have just invested in the tablets, keyboards, pencils etc I had to find another £375 just to be able to charge them in a reasonable amount of time.

    Appalling and very disappointing from the company that used to be the good guys.

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    Incredible adapter...

    This adapter is overwhelmingly preferable in comparison to the 12 watt variant, as the total charge time for an iPad Pro 12.9" from 0 to 100 % is just over 2 hours, assuming you plug the adapter into an AC wall socket, and use the official Apple lightning to usb-c cable. Using the included lightning to usb-a charging cable in concert with the included 12 watt adapter in an AC wall socket, it will take approximately 7+ hours to go from a battery level of 0% to a full 100% charge.

    I tried using 2 non-Apple lightning to usb-c cable variants with the 29 watt adapter, and while the charge rate did, in fact, increase, and the respective charging time decrease, it is not nearly as fast as the combination of both official Apple products used in concert.

    I have repeatedly charged my iPad Pro 12.9" from 0 to 100% in approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, and that includes some minor usage while charging. The cost of the 29 watt adapter and 2 meter lightning to usb-c cable will run you around $85.00, but is absolutely and definitively worth it.

    That being said, c'mon, Apple...given the price of the top end iPad Pro variant, including both the 29 watt adapter and the 1 meter lightning to usb-c cable as part of the retail package seems not only justified, but necessary, at least regarding the valued areas of customer satisfaction and appreciation.

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    No cable!

    If you buy this as a second power supply so you don't have to carry one from home to office, be warned that everything that you need is NOT in the box. Budget for an EXTRA £20-£25 for a cable to attach it to your Macbook. Why Apple tarnishes its deservedly good reputation for quality products by overcharging for these accessories I do not know.

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    Cheap Garbage

    This charger stopped functioning after approximately 3 months. Out of no where just failed to charge the laptop. Blasting all ends of the socket and cable ends with computer cleaner didn't resolve the problem. Had to purchase a new charger to use my $1300 computer

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    The charger I always wanted for my iPad Pro 12.9

    Since the time I first heard the 29W power adapter can be used for the iPad Pro 12.9, I've wanted to try it. Using the 12W adapter is disconcerting when it seems to make no headway at all in charging the iPad while I'm using it. Sometimes the battery power has gone DOWN while plugged in...which makes me feel really uneasy if I need to use it a lot later in the day.

    With the 29W charger, I can use my iPad Pro with the screen at full brightness and watch the battery level climb quickly up. THAT's reassuring. Apart from believing that Apple should have included the 29W adapter and USB-C-Lightning cable in the box with my iPad in the first place, I am thankful and totally satisfied with my purchase.

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    Perfect! Definitely get this if you have an iPad Pro

    It didn't take long to realize that charging my new iPad Pro was taking an unbearably long time. I searched the web for options to pick up the pace and found am article explaining how this usb-c power adapter and the corresponding usb-c cable would allow iPad Pro owners to capitalize on the fancy fast charging feature that's built in the iPad Pro.
    I bought it and immediately see a huge difference in charging time. I can actually charge while I'm using the iPad now. It works perfectly for what I intended.

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    Overpriced garbage

    I don't know how some of the people say they've used their charger for years and have never had a single problem. Maybe they also didn't know that people usually carry their power adapter to school or work everyday. From a lot of people I know, most of their chargers gave up before their laptops did. Good job apple!

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    No problems

    I've had my charger for about 5-6 years and have no had one problem with it....ever.

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    Never had any problem - Mine have been stellar!

    My experience is so at odds with the negative reviews. I wanted to put in a word for the other side. An Apple user for 25 years, I've had laptop computers (for portable use when not at my desk) for nearly 10 years. I have never had any issue with the chargers. In fact, my original laptop is still being used by a student of mine and that adapter has never hinted at a problem.
    My experience has been the quality we always expect from Apple.

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    3 have broken

    I have replaced my box twice already one it stopped working the other broke off in the laptop. Now this one the cord has broke, I'm fed up with these chargers, and now i'm going to have to pay for it myself

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    $75 for a power brick with no cable!

    When you add the additional $45 for the USB-C cable you need to make this work it costs even more than the iMac Pro power brick and it doesn't even come with a power cable either. Selling the parts separately isn't a great feature it's a scam and even if you buy all the parts you will need to be permanently within 2m of a socket.

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    Lasted 6 Months

    Mine lasted 6 months, became unstable, then failed. Just when I thought I had it figured out - i.e., unplug cord, remove & replace plug prong - it did not work. Only solution offered was to go to out of town Apple Store to consult to prove it did not work. Not worth the $49 to replace. So, begrudgingly will purchase a replacement.

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    Stopped working after 3-4 months

    Worked great at first, I marveled at how fast it charged. Then, today, it's just. not. working. No physical or water damage. The power adapter stopped working out of no where. Am going to the Genius Bar to get it diagnosed/fixed/a new one. But very irritating as I would have to take more time out of life for something I paid to rely on.

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    About 6 months...

    Mine lasted about 6 months, or 180 plug and 180 unplugs (about 8 cents each), before it became "fiddly," only charging when I plugged it in just the right way or when the local DMV was open for business.

    It's sad that Apple designs such robust computing hardware, but chooses to accessorize it with flimsy, overpriced junk like this.

    At least USB-C isn't proprietary like Mag Safe and I can look forward to a 3rd party providing a more robust alternative.

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    Ridiculous! A power adapter without cable!

    If you purchase this Adapter, you also need to buy the cable. Rather ridiculous.

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    As stated: $50 for a charger that requires another $30 cable?

    This is baffling to me. The point of buying an additional charger is to leave it plugged in at your desk and have another one always in your bag so you don't have to unwrap cables, reach behind desks, or crawl on the ground. This device does not solve ANY of those problems by itself for $50. It only gives you an additional brick.

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    Love the size and that you can buy just the block and no cable!

    Great little power block that has easily interchangeable plug sizes. It's really convenient for international travelers. Perhaps the only gripe that I can come up with is the absence of the small cable management arms, that fold out on the larger versions, to wrap the usb cable around for easier packing. I really appreciate having the option of buying the usb charging cable. It keeps the price down when an additional cable isn't needed.

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