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    Best Ever

    Always liked trackpad on my 2011 MBAir, but this trackpad paired with my iMac is far superior. Within in minutes it enhanced my internet experience. Goodbye magic mouse.

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    Loving the new click style of the trackpad and force touch for those having the pairing issue make sure you are not on the beta and reinstall a retail copy of El Capitan if possible that's what resolved it for me

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    Awesome upgrade, almost too simplistic

    The Magic Trackpad 2 is the trackpad I've been waiting for. Ever since Force Touch was introduced on the MacBook Pro, I knew it would eventually make its way over to the desktop. It still doesn't have a ton of practical uses, but being able to quickly research words has been very valuable since I'm still in college and I'm researching constantly. Having a rechargeable battery is very nice, and removes the need for me to get rechargeable AA batteries. By removing the click pads and the batteries at the top, it's now easy to click anywhere on the trackpad. This will definitely change how I use the trackpad, as I've always used my thumb to click since it's near the bottom. Now I don't have to do this to click easily. For me the nicest feature, however, is being able to silence the click. It still makes a little bit of noise from the haptic engine, but it is much less annoying when I'm clicking back and forth many times on research papers. Overall, the Magic Trackpad 2 was a solid purchase for me, and it will be in use for a long time in my house.

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    Force Touch and Low Profile


    1. Force touch: I personally really like the idea of force touch and getting a haptic feedback from the touchpad. The recent updates to Pages and Keynote are really good examples for being able to control the haptic feedback through software.
    2. Low profile. I also own previous generation of magic trackpad and the only reason why I couldn't use it properly is its height. My hands didn't fit its shape and my wrist started hurting after a while. I am glad that they changed that with this new trackpad and I feel much more comfortable with it right now.


    The price. It is too expensive for such a device. Apple has recently gone out of control with their pricing. We know you guys are building premium quality products but it still doesn't justify the expensive price you put your tags.

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    The best trackpad EVER!

    Just installed my new Trackpad 2 and, wow, it is so fast and accurate! The force touch feature is already pretty amazing and will become even more powerful as new software takes advantage of it.

    This porduct is DEFINITELY worth the extra bucks!

    Only downside: I'm going to end up frustrated with the trackpad on my two-year old MacBook Pro.

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    does not pair properly with macbook and there is no online support

    Recently purchased a magic trackpad 2 to replace my old magic trackpad 1.
    The MT2 does not pair properly with my macbook. 2-finger scroll doesn't work and its cursor speed can't be adjusted.
    I've tried to un-pair and re-pair the MT2 with my macbook, but that doesn't solve the problem.
    I also tried to online support this, but the chat representative turned me to the general help section, which does not even have a place to ask questions about MT2.
    So basically this thing is worse than the MT1 it replaced. I would wait for version 2.

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    Pricey but a nice improvement over the previous version

    I took the plunge on the new Magic Trackpad 2 (as well as the new Magic Keyboard) since my local Apple Store didn't have one on display, and I'm going to be keeping it. It's quite pricey compared to the previous version, and the styling is a "love it or hate it" affair , but I noted several improvements that make it a worthwhile purchase for me. I'm only giving it four stars since the price is a bit high.

    (1) Immediate pairing on startup - both the new trackpad and keyboard pair immediately with my iMac as soon as I power up or wake up from sleep. There was always a delay with the previous models, and occasionally the delay would be longer than normal. This issue is now gone.

    (2) Trackpad is responsive from anywhere on the surface. On my old trackpad, clicks sometimes didn't register from new the top or bottom, and there would be issues if it wasn't sitting perfectly level on my desk. I can be more gentle with my clicks, and the Taptic feedback is adjustable.

    (3) No battery replacement hassle - Whenever I was working on something important, I'd get the low battery warming and then I'd have to search for a coin to open the battery slot, and rotate the rechargeable batteries between the unit and the wall charger. A hassle that has been eliminated.

    (4) Power switch - I just love having a power switch where I can tell if the power is off or on. It's was always harder to tell on the previous models, and this would create a hassle when I had pairing problems and couldn't tell if the trackpad was powered on or off.

    (5) Larger surface area - This is a big plus for me while using a 27 inch display. With the old trackpad I tended to swipe too far and go off the edge. The size of the new trackpad is perfect.

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