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    Silver link band

    Love this band, I was able to remove 2 links for a perfect fit on my 42mm. I could not find it in any of the local stores so I ordered it at the one close to me. I still love my chainlink band and very easy to change between the 2. A little tricky trying to figure out the release mechanism in order to remove the links, but once I wrapped my head around how they attach it was easy.The price was kinda high.....but I had a 225$ gift card towards the purchase.

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    really good

    nice material and feel, Fantastic color

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    What a disappointment as it really could have been great!!

    This is what it says in Apples description of the 38mm strap.

    "And several links feature a simple release button, so you can add and remove links without any special tools."

    Well what a load of bull!!! I've spent hours running around trying to buy these extra links after being told by Apple I could pick up from store to find they only sell for the 42mm watch. I now have a watch that I can't wear on my wrist that I payed a lot for and I'm furious. I don't want a sport band, I don't want a replica band. I want the stainless link strap that I payed for because I like it and i don't want the 42mm watch because I prefer the 38mm so now I will be selling the watch at a loss.

    Thanks Apple for wasting my time ��������

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    Too short

    This is a beautiful band, but it should include at least three extra links as it's too short therefore fitting too tight. So sad there is no link pack available as with the 42 mm version, hoping Apple releases one soon.

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