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    Does its job well! MBP to Apple Cinema HD Display

    Works as described! Connected MBP late 2016 to my old Cinema HD Display by using two adapters:

    this DVI to HDMI one, and a USB-C to HDMI adapter from Monoprice.

    Just saved $$$ now I don't have to buy a brand new external monitor.
    Thanks Apple!!

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    Make sure you cable and display device support DVI-D!

    Look closely at the DVI end of this adapter: to the side of the array of pins, there is a single wide horisontal pin. That's because it's "DVI-D" and doesn't carry analogue signals. Unfortunately, many DVI cables have a cross in this position and/or extra pins, and such cables WILL NOT WORK WITH THIS ADAPTER! Similarly, your display device must support DVI-D, though this is less of a problem: if they have DVI at all, they'll probably have the digital version. Note that the other DVI possibilities are DVI-A (analogue), DVI-I (integrated, carrying both analogue and digital signals).

    To be fair, macbook HDMI ports are apparently not powered (which is why HDMI to VGA adapters don't work - such adapters need power to convert the digital signal to analogue), so converting to HDMI-I for example is not really feasible (without some source of power from e.g. a usb plug).

    Still, if you're cables (even if not your device) are not DVI-D, you're in trouble with this adapter.

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    Do not update to iOS 8.4.1 if you want this to work

    This adapter worked for 2 months- it was great, I could rent and buy movies and tv episodes from iTunes, and stream from my ipad to TV with this...until I updated last week to iOS 8.4.1. Now this adapter won't work at all! Bad move, I guess I won't be making tv or movie purchases or rentals from iTunes any more. Very disappointing

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    Adapter exactly as described!

    Contrary to M Connor J from Tulsa's review, this adapter is both properly named and works as described. It takes the signal from an HDMI port on systems with HDMI ports, and converts the connector form to DVI-D, which then connects to appropriate input on a display. Works perfectly with every Mac Mini and current Mac Pro on which I've tried it, totaling about 12 different individual computers.

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    This adapter is backwards

    I bought the Apple HDMI to DVI adapter, but when I got home I realized it was backwards! This product should be renamed; it is actually a DVI to HDMI adapter because the DVI is being converted to HDMI out. I would have bought the other brand if this was labeled correctly.
    I bought this to connect Apple TV to my TV which does not have an HDMI port. It doesn't work!

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    Works great MBP to Cinema Display

    I got tired of waiting for Apple to update its Thunderbolt Display (looks like that's not going to happen anytime soon), so I decided to connect my MacBook Pro (late 2013) to my 23-inch Cinema Display (mid 2004). The HDMI to DVI adapter works perfectly. The male HDMI end hooks to the MBP. The female DVI connects to the monitor's cable. Great way to extend the display space.

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