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    I am a big Apple produce fan. I've purchased all the variations of IPhones for myself, wife and daughter. I also have Mac laptops, and I have had several Ipads, ending with the Ipad Pro 12.9. I was very excited to buy the Apple Keyboard and enjoyed using it, despite the flat keys. But within months of using it, many of the letters rubbed off. Although I touch type, I still like seeing the letters. I even tried a white permanent marker, but it looks very bad now.

    The lightness, the smart connectors are all great features, but it looks really bad. I want to be proud of the Apple products I buy.

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    Great until...

    I loved this keyboard, and despite the buzz I heard on the internet, the smart keyboard paired with Apple pencil on the iPad Pro did function as a laptop replacement for me about 95 percent of the time. I am an artist by trade and the iPad Pro continues to be my favorite tool for digital art. I also really appreciated the handy keyboard right in the cover. But then, about four months after I bought this device, very gradually the keyboard stopped working. At first its connection with the iPad would fail once a week, then once a day, then I had to mess with the smart connector five minutes each time I wanted to type, and then the keyboard stopped working entirely. My iPad kept flashing an alert that said "the accessory is not supported by the device." cleaning the keyboard and restarting the iPad did nothing. So I've got a new smart keyboard coming thanks to my warranty, but I am worried that the new one will just break again. If you look online, you'll find that a lot of people are having this problem, and as far as I can tell Apple hasn't offered an explanation. I don't know if this is an issue with IOS. But, although I do recommend this keyboard in theory, if you're thinking about buying one, I would wait until they work out a few problems.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice for typing, but magnet too weak

    I like the keyboard for typing, but the magnet isn't strong enough to hold it closed so my ipad often "wakes up" in my bag if the keyboard falls away. It sometimes comes off altogether when I'm flipping it around to open or close it, which is a pain and makes it look bad to others in the room as I'm showing off my expensive new toy :)

    I also wish it had an ability to prop the ipad up at a shallow angle like you can with a smart cover.

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    This is a comfortable keyboard to use: it has a lovely feel to it, the keys spring back sweetly and you can type all morning on it.
    It even has a pleasant sound to it. I like it. Bit pricey, but it's Apple. Good kit.

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    This accessory not supported by this device

    Ive gone through a restore, software update, cleaned the connections, etc.
    Always says "This accessory is not supported by this device."
    (iPad pro 12.9")
    Apple doesn't work with Apple. Disappointing

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not pleased

    This keyboard is not a favorite for multiple reasons.
    - no back light on the keys
    - no dictate button
    - is it just me or are the keys loud
    But more so, it is how it folds up when not in use. My first clue should have been when 2 technicians in the Apple store couldn't show me how to fold it.
    If I want to use the on-screen keyboard, I have to fold the Smart Keyboard up and behind the screen. When I finish using the on-screen keyboard and pick up the ipad to close it, the keyboard falls and hits whatever surface is below. EVERYTIME. And because it is so long, even if I catch it, I don't catch it enough to miss it smacking the table.
    Would have preferred a design that doesn't require the folding behind. Yes, I realize that is how it balances.

    Any online help indicates that I can use the dictate button on the on-screen keyboard. Can not quickly switch back and forth between these screens. And if I try and do it, you guessed it. The keyboard smacks the table.

    Although I had to charge my Brookstone keyboard with the old ipad, that design was terrific and easy for me.

    I intentionally bought the Smart keyboard for writing longer documents. But would trade it in for an even Smarter keyboard.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Keyboard is great, but most unlike Apple the design detail is missing

    Keyboard is great, but most unlike Apple the design detail is missing. The list is quite lengthy for example :
    - the magnetic clip keeps falling off particularly if folding the keyboard or on a soft surface. It could work out expensive if you dropped your iPad because it failed as some have reported.
    - many keys that you expect to be there are missing. It's not as if there isnt enough space,
    - internationalisation is just not there. It is a USA keyboard. Do not expect local currency signs. Not sure how much the global key for changing keyboard language is, it still doesn't l give me my local currency.
    - it is not terribly stable unless on a flat surface, particularly on the larger iPads - I have a pro.
    - it it verging on the bulky.

    Lovely idea, as stated the good design hasn't been carried through to implementation.

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    This keyboard is dumb

    This keyboard is bad I bought and after a month it just stopped working. This is the most baddest keyboard I've ever seen I don't what happened with it

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than I expected

    The keyboard has turned out to be better than I expected. It is sturdy enough that I can use it on my lap. It folds up nicely and i don't mind the hump, it adds character. Every so often the keys don't work or get stuck but i just push on it and after a wile it goes back to normal. I have had the case for about 6 months and this has happened twice. Annoying but not enough of an issue to not buy it. I have had variety of non-apple cases and keyboards and this is the best so far. Would love to have the keys light up, maybe in the next version. It cleans up great. Well worth the money, though I would prefer Apple reduce the price to around 99.00.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Sleek and slim keyboard.

    I just got it with the Larger IPad Pro. It has a good fit and feel. The keyboard is very responsive and does not need recharging :). The keyboard can be adjusted to different positions easily to allow the user to use the IPad Pro comfortably on the Intenet. I like the functionality of this keyboard and its price. Recommend including colors like red, blue and gold to blend with the colors of the IPad Pro.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best keyboard option currently available for iPad Pro. IMO ;)

    All-in-all, I have been surprisingly impressed with the keyboard.

    PROS: typing accuracy (at least mine) is almost as good as on a coventional, desktop computer, easy to use and always available, and its general "feel" is pleasant.

    CONS: No top-row (all the function buttons like home screen, volume, etc.)... I'm sure ommission of this functionality was no accident, likely Apple's way of sticking to their "man and device as one" mantra; i.e. forcing the user to interact directly with the iPad. I get it.... but sometimes an old school G such as myself just prefers the old school keyboard.

    Also, this may not be a concern for everyone else but I worry (more like "I know") that I'm going to end up dropping the iPad when picking it up or carrying it around whilst in "keyboard mode"; i.e. Keyboard exposed with iPad docked. The magnetic hook-up thing is pretty good/strong but not strong enough to hold the weight of the iPad and prevent it from fallling. Hasn't happened yet, just a couple close calls (once when I picked it up by the triangular part formed in the back when using, and another time while using it in my lap with the iPad sitting too far over the end of my knees.... once the magnetic seal broke, the entire setup began to accordion South towards my feet. Maybe an option to lock it in for klutz like me.

    Also, is there a shortcut for voice recognition on the keyboard?

    CONS list turned out much longer than the PROS, not by design. I've shopped around a little (not a lot, baby-girl, just a little bit), used some other 3rd party keyboards, and have concluded Apple's Smart Keyboard is the best option currently available. IMO.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    No complaints - it's great.

    Slim design and great functioning. My only change would be offering it in multiple colors. This grey looks awful with my gold device.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome keyboard

    I just upgraded to an iPad Pro and I love this keyboard. It felt great to use from the moment it first snapped in place, and I haven't experienced any issues with it. I was trying to decide between this and the magic keyboard, and I'm thrilled I went with this one. It's a great protective screen cover as well!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Review from someone who used Logitech Create for about a year

    This review of the Smart Keyboard 12.9 by way of using the fan favorite Logitech Create Keyboard. The Logitech is a great keyboard, but a horrendous device. Let me start by saying that the Logitech has the classic chicklet style keys similar to the macbook air. It feels really familiary if you are used to using mac keyboards. The horrendous part is that there are two bevels on the keyboard the run along the horizontal space above and below the keys. This bevel will leave permanent linear scratches about 1-1.5 cm thick. Two distinct bands. My wife and I both bought brand new iPad Pros with Logitech cases and they were an unequivocal disaster leaving two identically placed scratches across both of our screens. A little googling and I found out that I was not alone. In fact, the case had scratched many people's screens identically. But how about all the good reviews? Most of them come from people who just bought them and were using them for a month. In truth, I didn't notice them because your screen has to be off to see them. I just thought they were linear smudge marks, and it was only brought to my attention when a waiter noticed my keyboard case and asked about my thoughts. He mentioned that he had heard it scratches the screen.

    Ok, so how about the Apple Smart Keyboard. (1). The keyboard is good. I really like the typing action, however it is not as good a s Logitech's. Would I use it everyday? I am, and I really love the keyboard placement near the screen! (2). I miss the backlighting and the hot keys; but not enough to warrant the permanent damage on my screen. (3). The keyboard is light, portable, and perfect.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Keyboard and languages

    Dear Apple Design Team,

    I love the feel of your keyboard, your design is as usual almost perfect.
    I am though having one major issue.
    I commonly write in several languages, English, French, Spanish, Italien and sometimes I like using Swedish and German words to communicate with my international colleagues and friends.
    I get very confused by the fact that the interface/typing language is linked to the physical keyboard.
    So when using a different language then English I can never find the proper key on the physical keyboard.
    When I write in a different language while keeping the English keyboard so I can find the key, your corrector keeps messing up my words.

    For further designs, please keep in mind the numerous polyglots, language affectionados and international connections.
    I am sure there are many elegant solutions to this user experience issue.

    Thank you for your time, I hope this message finds you well.
    Thank you for allowing me to use multiple languages in one sentence without having the corrector interfere.
    In the meantime, thank you for exercising my brain. I had mastered all the accent shortcuts on my computer but this is a whole new challenge! Maybe in a year I'll be trained enough to finally use your product well.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Pass on this one

    The balance is totally off with the keyboard open so that if you are using it on anything other than a hard countertop/desk, it collapses very easily. One of the times it collapsed on itself, it smacked the screen and cracked the corner so now I have a small crack on my brand new iPad Pro. We own eight ipads, several iphones and itouches/ipods with all sorts of apple accessories to go with them and hands down this is the worst Apple accessory I have ever purchased. Go get the Logitech keyboard like another reviewer suggested and save yourself the aggravation.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    NOT the best option for iPad.

    Simply put, this is not the best keyboard/cover option for iPad Pro 12. If you are like me and demand that you get what you pay your hard earned dollars for (yes, even you trust fund babies are spending dollars that SOMEONE worked hard for...lol), then go with the Logitech keyboard cover option.

    The Logitech keyboard cover is a complete solution. The Logitech:
    1. covers front and back of the iPad Pro;
    2. Is rubberized and will not slip off of the surface you are working on;
    3. Provides a degree of impact protection;
    4. Is BACKLIT (Hallelujah!!!);
    5. The keys feels absolutely GREAT when typing;
    6. Works flawlessly with the iPad's smartlink system;
    7. Is only 10 bucks more than Apple's cover;
    8. Is very attractive and sleek......it says business sophistication;

    Essentially the Logitech is a complete solution which transforms your iPad Pro into a Mac.

    So to the reviewers who say "the Apple keyboard/cover can't do x,y,z....so what?", So what is why blindly buy an Apple product simply for the logo when even Apple apparently believes that the Logitech is superior so why not profit from selling the Logitech right out of their stores.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Keyboard good, weird triangle stand BAD

    Keyboard performs great. Nice feel of the keys, very responsive, and simple to type on.
    Interior panel has soft suede. You don't have to worry about the screen getting scratched.
    Charcoal color of the keyboard is nice.

    The TRIANGLE STAND is HORRIBLE!!! Touch the iPad screen at the top and the whole IPad falls over.
    Small stand makes the IPad "TOP-HEAVY"
    Stand does not adjust angle either so when you're in bed or you want to angle the screen a certain way for viewing, be prepared for the IPad to fall completely forward or backward. I hate this feature. Not everyone wants to watch shows and skype at the same angle. Case should be adjustable or have at least 3 viewing angles. Please fix that Apple.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Magnet Undependable, Viewing Angle All Wrong, & No Special Characters

    I have been using the Smart Keyboard with my IPad Pro 12.9 inch since for over 6 months and have been thoroughly disappointed by the flimsy construction, the faulty magnetic connections, and especially the inability to use it unless it's perfectly positioned on a desk or table.

    1. Magnets -- Apple got this backwards. You'll find yourself ripping the whole thing from your iPad just trying to get it open because the magnet that keeps the cover closed is far stronger than the one that connects it to the iPad itself. As to the big problem though, for this being a keyboard and a cover in one, being secure in the knowledge that your very expensive tablet isn't going to be left unprotected by failure of its cover seems a must. Not so with the Smark Keyboard. The magnets holding the iPad in place are so weak that it comes loose with just the slightest pressure. Certainly, it will come off of the keyboard most of the time when you try to adjust the keyboard or fold up the cover. I have had mine randomly fall from its base whilst walking with it in the keyboard because the keyboard's connector is not rigid enough to prevent slight bending that torsion that occurs from holding it from causing it to release from the iPad. Mine has also come completely out of its case several times when the case was closed, and on three occasions resulting in the iPad crashing to the ground face down. Luckily my iPad hasn't cracked yet, but I do now get to spend the rest of my time as owner of this iPad looking at a scratch in the centre of the glass screen caused by this faulty case just releasing the tablet it's designed to be enclosing.

    2. Viewing Angle -- forget using your keyboard or being able to read or watch videos whilst lying in bed or on the sofa or in the car or on a bus or train or anywhere else except for sitting at a table or desk with the iPad set flat in front of you whilst you sit back away from it and look at it from a higher angle. You can't adjust this. This silly option is the only angle that's possible. If you try to play with the case to position it to stand more upright, it just falls over and hits you in the face. For all the design that's gone into making iPad Pro a great device for movies and video, the keyboard's absurdly too far back angle makes it awkward and useless in this regard. You'll find yourself using one hand to hold the top of your iPad Pro at an acceptable angle much of the time. This is a sad design oversight and bad form on Apple's part as it would have been very cheap for them to allow more than one angle.

    3. Typing -- forget using this for anything but limited straight off the keyboard English. All of those extra characters such as vowels with accents or umlauts or foreign currency symbols or the degree symbol that are easily available via on-screen keyboards by just holding down the key? Not available and inaccessible unless you detach your keyboard and switch to on-screen. The flexible nature of the keyboard itself also means that you can expect lots of typos you're not actually making and worst of all, the keyboard will highlight whole paragraphs of text and just delete it without your having pressed anything with no way to get it back. I've had entire chapters of books just wiped clean by this flaw. Again, the Smart Keyboard is only a keyboard if you don't want to type much and you do it only whilst sitting at a desk with the keyboard on a flat surface. You'll also spend collective hours of your life trying to turn off caps lock and undo capital letters the keyboard forces upon you regardless of how many times you delete them.

    You owe us a new keyboard, Apple!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Handy and useful

    Got from the Apple Store is a useful bit of kit for the iPad took a few days to get use to is shame it doesn't protect the back of the iPad so had to buy separate cover to prevent starches from appearing. Is good quality but think the price could be a bit lower. But would recommend.

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