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    Great product but----

    A really great product, accurate, easy to use, comes with a spare nib and connecter.
    Very comfortable to hold and extremely quick .
    The only drawback I have found is the protective top for the lightening connector. It's magnetic, which is fine, but is very small and is easily lost. I happen to have lost mine. It could be improved by actually attatching it to the pencil with a small cord.
    So apple, can you take this into account when the mark 2 comes out please?

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    I bought the iPad Pro to use the procreate app, and it was useless without the pencil. It's functions extraordinarily and is comfortable to grip. It's designed beautifully and is easy to use, the pressure is great, and the artwork I've made with it is the best yet! Thank you apple!

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    Executional Issues Make it Barely Better than an Index Finger

    The idea of a pencil is nice. The slick white plastic barrel is way cool; but it is impossible to hold for long. It's too slippery.

    This is just one tiny example of the triumph of coolness over function that pervades this design. Here are some other examples. To recharge it you pull the eraser end off the pencil and plug the pencil into the charging cord. But wait: they are both male connectors. The dual female connector is in the box the pencil shipped in. And that's somewhere else. Twenty minutes later you hook everything together. But it pops apart. Why? That female to female connector that appears to be the same on both ends fits differently in one orientation than in the other. While you weren't looking the connection popped apart.

    One important user interface rule broken by this connector is that functionally different things should appear to be different. Similarly; things that appear to be the same should have identical functions. It looks reversible, but evidently it is not. Along this line, the pencil ships with two stylus tips, but I cannot tell them apart. Is one a replacement for the other or do they function differently? Finally there is the question of how to store the pencil. You need a third party case to store it on the iPad. Meanwhile, it is always somewhere else. Probably caught in one of those tight areas below a cushion in a couch or chair.

    So, to make up for all these problems the iPencil must offer something better than a finger, right? Not necessarily. I have been unable to master any part of the art of varying line width with it. I find that my fingers are much more facile in doing this. Most irritating of all is that when the battery is dead, the thing does not even function so well as a finger. It makes no marks at all!

    Some accomplished artists who draw a lot with pens and pencils probably will find this a promising category worthy of further development. My house is full of Apple products, but I will not buy another iPencil until this product is sharpened up a lot.

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    Good job

    I like

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    The pen works in a funny, yet great manner

    As we all know, Apple has been making new and creative technology every one or two years. Some of the technology is not worth buying because there were very few changes. I believe that this one is worth buying because it has a new concept by Apple and the calibration is fairly great. The main use for this is when we draw, our fingers are to big. That is probably the reason why Apple created this extraordinary device.

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    By far the best stylus ever

    I have had a Pencil by Fifty Three, a Sensu brush, and several other lesser styli, and so even though I am not a professional artist or anything, I just HAD to get the Apple Pencil. I am super impressed! It is by FAR the most accurate and responsive stylus ever, with by far the best palm rejection ever made. Writing notes on the iPad Pro 9.7 is almost as easy as writing on paper. Drawing feels great as well. The pencil has a nice weight to it, and the diameter feels just like a regular pen or pencil. I love that it isn't too fat.

    I do not use it heavily (basically just have it in case I am in the mood to sketch or take notes!) so I am not too worried about the tip not being replaceable, but I agree that will eventually be a problem. The cap might be easy to lose, but only if you aren't careful. The magnet could be a little stronger IMO, but it is sufficient. It charges quickly, and works for a good amount of time before needing recharge.

    I recommend a glass screen protector (which I do not yet have) because I was taking notes at an interview, and evidently I was writing so fast that I put too much pressure, and now I can read a line of cursive on my regular plastic screen protector. Oops. So just be careful not to get a scratchable screen protector.

    The reliable palm rejection is great, because even a child can use this. I was having my youngest son practice his spelling words by writing them on my iPad to make it less boring, and he was able to lay his hand in any position and write in a natural way, which is difficult for kids using any other stylus.

    I would recommend anyone buy this just to have it, because it is *that* good. Apple hit it out of the park on this one, IMO.

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    Goodbye printed Books, the era of pdf has begun

    This pencil is amazing, a revolutionary product, I used it to take side notes on pdf books and it helped a lot to pass my board exam, the 12.9 inch IPad with the pencil work great and the size of the iPad is the same as A4 paper which gives you the feeling of holding and reading a real book and the pencil gives you the power to replace the ordinary pen cause it's amazingly responsive without a lag, Apple just nailed it, great job.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Three Stupids

    The electronics of the Pencil is a very worthwhile aid for using the iPad Pro 9.7. However, the slippery surface, the begging-to-be-lost Lightning adapter, and most especially the concept of plugging the Pencil into the iPad to be charged - making it stick out in a clumsy, unstable and easily damaged fashion - are three incredibly stupid design fails. I have mine wrapped in tape for grip and another piece of tape holds the adapter to my iPad case. Stupid stupid stupid - I'm just surprised they could not do better.

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    Good idea poorly executed

    Works well, but not properly thought out. Why change the charge method for this one device? Especially since it is so easily damaged. Leave the pencil with the standard lightning connector and supply a male-male adapter. That way, at least when you lose the adapter you can still use any Apple USB cord to charge it fully. And that way you could make the adapter flexible so you don't trash your pencil AND your iPad when it slips off your lap while it's plugged in.

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    I like it

    I have to say there are a lot of reviews on here that aren't even relevant to the Pencil. Didn't anyone's parents teach them to take care of their things, especially the expensive things? BTW I have a case for an old iPad that the iPad Pro 9.7 fits in with just enough room to store the Pencil, too. I keep the Pencil in it SO I DON'T LOSE IT. Back to how the Pencil performs, I have used it to sketch, color, take notes, etc., etc., etc. It's performed well in every instance. It doesn't interface as well as it could with every app but that is something developers need to work on. The only complaint I have (which is why I can't give it 5 stars) is what another reviewer mentioned. It can be distracting for those around you when your taking notes and it's clicking on the face of the iPad. A quieter option would be good.

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    Has Potential

    My opinion is a bit biased. However, this is only due to the fact that I've owned a surface pro before and I liked how they made their pen a part of thir experience instead of an option.

    Because this leaves out true integration of the both the Apple iPAD Pro and the pencil. Apple has separated the two and they truly do feel separated.

    Now. The Apple Pencil is amazing. Great for drawing, writing and stylus. Although, if you're getting this pencil and you only plan on using it as a stylus then you're wasting your money. Thats beneath its true potential. Again, the pencil is amazing but I would love to have a spot to put it. Clipped or any variation of getting it to stay with my iPad Pro would be a huge plus.
    The fact that it has to be charged doesn't bug me too much considering the tech it uses. However, the fact that I have to plug it in to get it to pair each time is silly to me. I do turn off my Bluetooth to save power at certain times but having to plug it in each time seems awkward.
    I am excited to see how many other apps I will be able to use with the pencil. It is definitely different so it might just take some getting used to.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great sensitivity with some design flaws

    I've been taking notes for classes digitally for a few years now, and I have tried all kinds of writing tools to get the "pencil" feel. The I bought the iPad Pro 9.7 and pencil, and honestly it's the first time it's possible to take notes like a real pencil. I use goodnotes with it and love it. It's very responsive with practically zero lag. I write very small and the Apple Pencil allows me to write small and legibly.

    Ok now the design flaws. You have to keep Bluetooth on in order for the pencil to stay constantly linked. I turn it off to conserve battery and in order to use it, once I turn Bluetooth back on I have to insert the pencil for a few seconds. I wish it had a power button and maybe a small LED light set to let me know how much power is left instead of looking at notifications on my iPad to see the battery level.

    I also think for how much it cost apple could have designed it like other tablet pencils to hold the adapter and extra tip. I also wish it wasn't so smooth and it had some grip around the bottoms.

    Besides my opinionated design flaws, I do really like it for taking notes. It's honestly really good with the pro tablets for what it is designed for.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wow just wow

    As soon as you get over the crazy price that seems unreasonable, but once you use it you can't help but think wow how did Apple get something some so right just. Hopefully Apple will bring out the highly requested replacement tips and ends maybe even some grips or a pen clip would be nice

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfectly marries right-brain notetaking with left-brain OCD

    Studies have shown we're much better learners, listeners, and thinkers when we're writing by hand, and I'm no exception. This stylus is the perfect conduit for my right-brain preference for old-school, handwritten notes that look like they jumped straight out of my brain and onto the page, with arrows and circles and underlines and text of all sizes going in all directions, and my left-brain need for organized notes I can access at any time without having to drag notebooks around with me everywhere (not to mention storing all of the old ones). I also love the feel - it sits in my hand more like a fountain pen than a cheap piece of plastic, and I love the precision tip. Of course, it's only as good as the apps you use it with, or your ability to keep track of it, but that's not the pencil's fault.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple pencil and sketching

    I use the Apple Pencil for sketching in Paper 53 where it works very well throughout with one minor irritation; after a month's admittedly constant use I've noticed it becoming 'sticky'. Cleaning the screen with screen-wipes is not effective, but a mild nail polish remover is, making the tip glide over the glass as it did when new. By the way, the replacement tip made no difference, so it seems to be a build-up of finger prints on the glass...

    A second observation is that in the other app I use constantly, Adobe Draw, I revert to a normal micro-fibre stylus, as the Apple Pencil varies the line weight when I don't want it to, making lines and text unpredictable.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it!

    I absolutely love using this pencil. I am an avid handwritten note taker and have been using traditional styluses for years. NO COMPARISON. The way this pencil interacts with the iPad Pro is amazing. No lag whatsoever, and unlike other styluses I don't end up with random palm marks on the page. The writing is very precise and clean. Also, it charges up fast and keeps a charge for quite a while. As for the bluetooth connection, it works perfectly. When I walk back in my office in the morning with my iPad, I pick up the pencil and start writing. It's flawless. If you go into airplane mode or turn off bluetooth you do have to plug the pencil into the iPad for one second (big deal!). I do have 3 suggestions for Apple: 1. Create a quieter, interchangeable tip for note taking. The current one makes a tapping/clicking sound when scribbling notes and it would be great to have a quieter option when in meetings. 2. Shorten it up. It's longer than any other writing instrument in my office by about 1". A little shorter would be better. 3. Add a removable pocket clip. Not only would it add convenience for toting it around, but it would prevent it from rolling off surfaces which seems to be a common complaint. Suggestions 1 and 3 would be nice aftermarket add-ons for the pencil (hint, hint!). Overall, highly recommended.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I DON't understand why people are complaining about this item

    AMAZING product! I just got it and I love it so much! I was able to rewrite my notes without my handwriting looking different or messy like other stylus pens. The reaction time is GREAT and to all those who are complaining about losing parts, please buy a pencil case and be grateful. Product is definitely worth the price.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The only Stylis out there

    The pencil is amazing! The ability to sketch and shade in such a way that you are always using a sharpened pencil is great!. The charge lasts for a long time and is convenient to carry. I wish they would of had this years ago, I love sketching and coloring with this thing, it is great for both work and play.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best stylus ever.

    This is the most accurate stylus ever. Period.
    Don't give a product a bad review because you "don't draw or sketch." That's like giving a car a bad review because you don't know how to drive.
    Don't give a product a bad review because you lost it. It's not Apple's fault that you're not careful with your possessions.
    If you use this stylus for its intended purpose, and are mature enough not to lose things, it's the best you can get.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth the Wait

    I was disappointed that the Apple Pencil wasn't available when I purchased my IPad Pro but it was worth the wait. The only negatives about it don't have to do with how it works but how the top is prone to getting lost when you have to charge it and there isn't a convenient way to store your pencil. I think Apple should have incorporated a way to store the pencil with their case.. I am sure the second generation release will correct this. I don't mind not having an eraser option built in especially since other stylus's that I have used the eraser feature was lacking and I find the undo feature or menu options works just fine. I hope future iPhones will be able to use this pencil.

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