• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    You have to use it to appreciate it.

    Probably the most fun I have had with any Apple product. You really have to pick it up and use it to appreciate it. Beware though, once you do you will fall in love. I picked it up and found my self leaving the Apple Store later with an IPad Pro, Smart keyboard case and 2 Apple pencils. They are so easy to use, just plug in to pair to the ipad, and they last forever. Haven't needed to charge mine yet! Love the keyboard to. These 2 products are in my opinion the most intuitive products Apple has ever produced!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    It's sketchy...but don't DARE drop it.

    I love the way the pencil works as a drawing tool and it's as good if not better than any Wacom product (5 stars for that). When you bear down it can get confused and flash it's edge shading tool. I got mine in 3 weeks. The cylindrical industrial design promotes breakage as every other #2 pencil in the world is faceted so as not to roll off a desk. No eraser as on Wacom and 53. Lots of changing tools. Mine fell from my pants pocket to the ground (3 feet) and the tip bent and it would not draw properly. I changed the tip and now it works better, but still has sensing issues. Dropping a computer is a rarity, but dropping a pencil is pretty commonplace. Seems too precious for long term everyday use. How can you reinvent a 99 cent pencil into a $99. pencil and have it be this fragile? (2 star deduction.) It falls nose down with all the electronics inside so I was toast. It's also about an inch longer than the average pen so it seems awkward in a shirt pocket, thus flipping out of my side pant pocket. Be careful not to lose the chicklet sized adapter that allows it it be charged by cord. No means of attaching it to the case. Samsung buried theirs in the device. When it works I love it and the software can only get better. Great pencil, just don't drop it..

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolutely Awesome

    The Apple Pencil is near perfect in my humble opinion.

    I've been using it for many hours with Procreate and it's become somewhat of an addiction! I'm not an artist but have always wanted to learn to draw so have been watching and studying online tutorials.

    Using Apple Pencil is a pleasure and now I've had plenty of time with it I can appreciate that a huge amount of work must have gone into its design. When you use it, it never feels like a piece of technology but rather it feels perfectly weighted just like a real pencil, in fact much of the time I forget it's not a normal pencil because it works so well.

    I also never notice any lag, whatever I sketch or write is immediate. Quite honestly the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro are an amazing pairing and has completely changed the way I use my iPad.

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