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    Saw a couple of good reviews and wanted to have flexibility to remove it-sleep wake function doesn't work as advertised ( not at all) and fold stand is awkward and non supportive. I'm returning it to our local Apple Store.Dissapointed

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    just not worth it

    It's terrible.. it won't hold up to ipad pro weight it may work well with mini but pro is too big&heavy and this "smart" folding keeps unfolding and makes it very difficult to use.. simple touching the screen in stand up position makes it collapse... I would return it if possible becase I ended up buying cheap knock off from amazon for about $20 and it does much better job because it has four folding panels and it's more sturdy when folded Think of that you apple "geniuses" when you come up with new better version

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    Great Cover

    Brought an iPad Pro 128GB Gold finish model and I absolutely love the iPad Pro. I brought this Smart Cover for my iPad Pro and it's been a great accessory. Sturdy to hold the iPad up as a stand while watching movies. I would highly recommend this cover to anyone.

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    Doesn't support the weight

    Generally I have been pretty satisfied with Apple products due to the quality I don't mind paying extra. But, the iPad falls down a lot with this cover and cannot support the weight properly. Bad investment.

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    Half the product it should be.

    Be warned, if your looking to protect your iPad Pro, this cover is just that....a cover only. It will not protect the back or edges of your iPad Pro. Unlike the smart cover for the iPad Air 2.

    You will need to buy the silicone case separately to complete the protection.

    It also struggles to support the mass of the iPad Pro at a comfortable angle.

    There's better solutions out there than this very mediocre effort by Apple.

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    Poor performance

    The cover is ok for covering the screen but is virtually useless as a support! Cannot get it to support the iPad in any position - as usual it will probably be better to go with a third party cover - definitely not worth the extortionate price apple wants for these covers.

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