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    Nice quality, metal charger

    Typical decent quality from Apple and is the better quality and feeling metal charging cable (not the cheap plastic one you get on the Sport models) but given the (lack of) complexity and the fact the Watch (any version) costs so much more than any other smartwatch, would it be too much to ask to not rip us off for the cable, or at least allow third-parties to make them! There are still idiots on auction sites selling these for more than retail and people buy them...

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    Good but doesnt come with the USB plug

    I bought this as a second charger for my bedside so I could leave the charger plugged in and use the other for when I am travelling. Unfortunately, for £25 I was expecting this to the have the USB plug contained in the box due to the cost. I now have to buy a USB to mains plug so this works :(

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    No plug - just USB connector

    I went on vacation and forgot my watch charger. This addition works perfectly as normal with Apple items but only comes with a USB connector. Make sure you have a spare plug to connect to electricity if desired. I had an old small square plug in a drawer & it does work with that fine. All Apple accessories & products are quality as the price suggests but Apple needs to clarify issues like connectors especially with new USB Type C connectors on newer equipment.

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    Apple Watch Rev

    This charger i would say is the best charger there is because if your in the dark you can hover your hand over your bed side and you know if its charging because you will feel the force of the magnet!!!!!!! Apple will hope fully make more chargers like this

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    The original Apple Watch charger works perfectly.

    My order will arrive tomorrow. If this is the same unit I got with my watch, then it will work perfectly. Although Apple accessories are more expensive than the competition, you can usually count on them being the best quality for the job. I trust this will be no exception. I ordered it because of the reduced price and promise of quality and service of which Apple now seems to be the leader in this market. The few calls I have made about my watch have been handled with professional and quality support. I am very pleased with my purchase. Don

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