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    We also have an iPad Air which has a full leather cover. I wanted the same for our new iPad mini 4, but Apple haven't produced them. Instead I had to pay extra, (and being Apple it's not cheap), for a front and separate rear cover.

    The rear cover alone doesn't fully protect the unit because the side is taken out to make room for the front cover attachment. The front cover is forever accidentally being pulled off because it's only held on by a magnet on the side. So for me, it's a very expensive product which is not fit for purpose.

    The only positive is the quality of the material used. Hopeless!

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    Flawed Design

    Who was the "genius" at Apple who decided to change the design into a 2 piece configuration? Also to make the Smart Cover and case available only in silicone is a really bad decision. Have you ever heard of static electricity? Please bring back the leather 1 piece Smart Cover similar to the iPad Air 2 that someone else also mentioned. The static generating silicone case and cover are not a good idea for any electronic device especially at the premium prices we pay for Apple products.

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    Poor fit

    I'm not sure why the Smart Cover (or Smart Case) was redesigned, now the single cover is HUGE and floppy. The hinge is much larger, so the whole cover slides around and is not aligned when trying to hold the iPad Mini 4 and read. I will be returning this and the designer should be fired, it is that bad. I want the Smart Cover like on the Air 2 back for Mini!

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    Its big!

    The Ipad mini 4 cover seems to be designed for an older mini version. It is a few milli-meters bigger than the ipad. its just not a good fit!!

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    Doesn't fit properly

    I'd had a smart cover on my 1st gen iPad mini and it sat flush with the iPad and the edges aligned perfectly. On this new iPad Mini 4 smart cover, it neither sits flush or fits properly, it seems the hinge rubber is too long and that the cut out for the smart cover itself is a little bit too big for the iPad... The result, it hangs over the open edge, not something i'd expect from the normal precision accuracy of Apple Products.

    I hope it gets better with time, but still, its gonna annoy me.

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    It's ok

    It looks good and I like that the iPad switches on/off by just closing the cover. However, it leaves marks on screen due to it's paneled structure. Also, gotta be careful as it comes off easily and sometimes iPad can slide off. Would probably buy the two-sided version if buying next time.

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