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    Very Nice

    I've always liked using my iPhones without a case. I'm very careful with them and love how they feel in your hands. When I got my 6S Plus, however, I decided to try a case with it since the phone is a little harder to hold in comparison to my 5S which I upgraded from.

    The case is top notch in quality. You'll hear people say things like "The leather is slightly wrinkled around the corners" or "It scratches easily". These people don't understand leather. Leather is skin. Has your skin ever scratched? Yes. Leather cannot be bent into a corner without having some kind of wrinkling because... it's skin. Check your elbow out for an example. ;)

    As far as for people saying that the 6's and 6S's are difficult to hold, they are more slippery compared to previous models. I've seen a lot of people say the leather cases make the phones easier to hold. Personally, I find that the leather case is just as slippery as the phone itself. Not an issue for myself, though.

    For those of you, like myself, who enjoy using their phone without a case, this is quite possibly as close as you're going to get to the feeling of the naked phone. These cases are very thin, approx. 1mm.

    Overall this is a very nice case and well worth the money. If you're looking for leather to not scratch or fade... get real and go buy a plastic or silicon case. :)

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    A big change in leather from the 6+ case

    This case has the same design, but the leather is completely different from last year's 6+ leather case. It feels more luxurious and tanned (because it is), and it's quite a bit more slick at the same time. Personally, I like the change from the leather cases from last year. The black case on my new 6s Plus looks somewhat aged (even brand new out of the box) and just presents a better look and feel than the 2014 case. Apple refinement at it's best here. Recommended!

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    Best Looking Protection

    I highly recommend this Apple case for the iPhone 6S Plus. It provides ample drop coverage and slides in and out easily of your pocket. Adds very little bulk to the phone and looks and smells :) fantastic! Pick this one up today.

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