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    Looks great at first but scratches way too easily

    I bought the Apple Watch when it first came out last year and I instantly loved it. I bought 3 different straps, one of which was this stainless steel one. The metal strap looked fantastic when I first wore it but within a short few months, scratches started appearing, particularly on the underside where you rest your hands on any surface.
    One year later, the strap is covered in small scratches. It seems that the surface is simply not hard enough to withstand normal wear and tear. I am the kind of person who is very careful with my Apple products and I had spent the year alternating it with my other two straps.

    Apple Support were helpful but unable to replace it as it was classed as basic wear and tear (112352826). A shame, because I have other cheaper metal watch straps that have lasted many years without getting scratched. I feel there is a basic design issue with this product and I would recommend choosing another strap from the range. I hope that Apple improve the quality of this product in future as it looks great but ultimately disappoints.

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