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    Magic Mouse 2 & Keyboard review

    I recently (Nov 2015) purchased one of the new iMac late 2015 models that included the new keyboard & mouse. I must say that I am impressed so far with the battery life as both are still working off the initial charge (3 months later), currently (25% & 18%). While I agree that having the charge port on the bottom of the mouse is a poor design however, it does not bother me. I am a highly technical person but I do not use this imac every day for hours at end since I already spend hours at a computer at work daily. I also have the common sense to turn off the mouse & keyboard when i'm not using it so i'm pretty sure that makes a difference in the battery life.

    Overall i give them both a thumbs up.

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    Evolutionary Improvement Over MM1

    I really don't know what is up with the negative reviews ... trolls? This is exactly the same size and would appear to be roughly the same weight as the MM1. It pairs instantly, comes with 95% charge, feels more solid vs. MM1 and the operation is more smooth and precise. Yes, the lightning port for charging is in the bottom but I don't really see this as a negative, plug it in when you hang it up for the day and it's fully charged in the morning for 3-4 weeks. I have to charge my iPhone every day, I don't see charging the MM2 as a negative, in fact as a "road warrior" it's nice not to have to worry about batteries, which are expensive, and I can charge it with a standard USB-Lightning cable when I need to, what's the fuss about, couldn't be simpler or more convenient.

    So I don't really know what the naysayers are on about. If you liked the MM1 you'll like the MM2 better in my humble opinion. I've been using the magic mouse since if first came out, have a couple of MM1's that are still going strong but wanted the improved functionality and USB charging of the MM2. I'm very happy with the purchase.

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    I had the original mouse but it became faulty- batteries needed changing every 2 days.
    I went to the Manchester Apple shop and they kindly exchanged it for the MM2.
    Being rechargeable is a big plus and it is also smoother to use.
    Thanks Apple

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    Out of the 15 mice we bought at my job, 2 of them were defective and the charger doesn't fit in the slot.

    It works fine, but annoying to not be able to use while charging. At least it holds a better charge than the magic mouse 1.

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    Worst mouse ever

    Why would anyone think of putting the charge plug on the bottom? If you want a cordless mouse that is fine but it is required to be able to use the mouse while it is recharging.

    Avoid this mouse at all cost.

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    Absolutely HORRIBLE design

    why in the TECHNICAL WORLD YOU COME FROM would you design a rechargeable product that doesn't allow you to continue to use it if it runs out of a charge?!?!?

    you could have designed it with the lightning connector in the front and or the back to allow it to charge and still be used as if it were a mouse with a cord.


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    Great mouse, but epic fail on charging port location

    I love the Apple Magic Mouse. Good ergonomics, accurate and effective touch pad, good battery life. But the Lightning charging port is on the bottom, so it is not possible to use the mouse while it is charging. This is an epic design fail on Apple's part.

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    Excellent mouse!

    Not sure if there is a conspiracy to put down this mouse but I find it excellent. What I like the most about the mouse is the multitouch ability. I love navigation webpages by flipping my finger on the mouse. I find it comfortable in my hand. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is when you need to plug the Lightning cable (included) into the mouse, you can't use it due to the location of the Lightning port on the mouse.

    Other than that, I'm not sure why people are complaining about it. You can even find an Apple Store near you and try it before you buy it. Or just return it and be done with it.

    Final note: initially, after I paired the mouse, my system would freezes in a system panic. I did research a lot and after examining the panic log, I realized that I had USB Overdrive installed on my older Mac and when I migrated my data to the new Mac, it did migrate USB Overdrive. Even though it was not enabled, it was mentioned in the panic log as one of the kernel extension in the system. Immediately alerted by this, I promptly uninstalled USB Overdrive, rebooted and now I can use my mouse without any problem. So, if you have a kernel panic after pairing your mouse, check if you have anything that modifies or augments your USB peripherals. Many kernel panic are caused by faulty kernel extensions or faulty USB devices.

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    It's amazing

    I love the design and quality of this mouse

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    this mouse is horrible

    this is the most temperamental piece of technology i've used in a long time. first it doesn't work on certain mousepads. then i find a mousepad it will actually work on, and suddenly one day ... it doesn't. i am literally needing to use my macbook pro as a mousepad, because the reflective surface is the only thing that works with this stupid mouse. sort of. because it's still relatively ineffective and frustrating to use on that surface. apple really needs to get this mouse situation together.

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    Bad mouse

    Paid $72.00 for my Apple Mouse 2. It would not mate to my new MacBook Pro. The mouse obviously is broken. I tried to charge it and see if it would work. Still would not mate for more than one second. Here's my point. For $72.00 the quality control should be much better. This is unacceptable at any level. Now I have to return the mouse and take more time out of my busy day. I like apple but I cannot recommend their mouse. It is disappointing for an Apple product. I have just switched over to using Apple. Maybe their marketing is better than actual quality.

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    Magic Mouse 2

    This product excludes more Mac users than it includes: the new Apple policy? Just think of putting the recharging port on the underside of the mouse.

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    I like it.

    I really like this mouse actually. They really should rethink the way it plugs in to charge.. that bit is cr*p.

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    Getting Better

    First I will rubbish all those who say it needs a 2015 iMac. My mouse paired perfectly with my 2012 27" iMac and has worked perfectly ever since.

    I don't find the feel of it much different to the earlier version and cannot understand why a reviewer complained it can't be used with big hands. I have huge hands that need XXXL gloves and have never noticed any problem.

    My main reason for buying it was I was fed up with forever putting new batteries in my old mouse and then continually having to move them to keep contact and, in turn, Bluetooth connection. Now it's great, it NEVER loses contact.

    My only minor criticism is charging. Charging off the computer is only possible if the computer is turned on and it cannot be used while charging, partly as connecting the cable turns it off and partly as the charging port is on the base. I have other Bluetooth kit that functions while charging there does not seem a technical reason why it can't be done and I am sure the power socket could have been positioned on the side. Fortunately I can use my iPhone charger but this problem it loses it one star

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic, but one complaint...

    The mouse is very fluent and works well. However, the gestures such as the swipes only work on El Capitan, or so I am aware of. But, overall it's a very reliable piece of technology at a very good price.

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    Great Product

    Have used the mouse for the past week. Battery life was my first concern and I can assure you it's phenomenal. Still going and haven't charged it, at 79%. And I use the mouse all day. Highly recommend. Feels great in the hand and tracking is on point.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it!

    The mouse works really great and is awesome! It also survived a 3 story fall so I'm pretty sure it's built to last.

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    Mouse is great, no issues. But WHY is the charging port on the bottom of the mouse so it can't be used whilst charging..... Something every other mouse producer in the world is doing..

    Then, you have to lay your mouse on its side to charge it, it's stupid.

    C'mon. This is not Apple, you can do so much better. I might go back to my v1 with third party wireless recharging!!

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    Even Better

    I owned the original Magic Mouse for several years and was finally wore it out recently. I've had the MM2 for about 6 weeks now. I use a mouse 30-50 hours per week depending on my travel schedule, meetings etc. I liked the original mouse shape, size, shortcut features, and feel in the hand. I've had right hand pain off & on over the years due to overuse and have tried many different mice - the Magic Mouse seems to work best for me. Even better than the ergonomic mice I've tried.

    Differences with the new mouse:

    1. It feels more solid for some reason.
    2. No fiddling with batteries or the cover plate. Once piece.
    3. Easy to pair and setup. Just plug it it.
    4. Excellent battery life. After the initial charge I went over 4 weeks on a charge including a Christmas break. Two weeks on the current charge and at 65%.
    5. It seems more responsive for movements and the shortcuts. It really shines with apps than need precision like OmniGraffle.

    I use to really like the MM1, but I really love the MM2. Highly recommended.

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    Love or hate

    I really believe Apple should admit to the fact that they just can't make a decent mouse. My major problem with this mouse is ergonomics. It just doesn't fit my hand.

    When I bought my new iMac I had a choice the MM2 or the wired mouse. I bought this one because I new it wouldn't have dirt issues (as the wired version does).

    My major gripe as I said are ergonomics. The mouse gives me wrist pain and that is a "no-no" for an item like this. I also find it a bit heavy but you can say that about all bluetooth mice.

    Also it is not as accurate as wired mice and that includes Apple's wired mouse as well (when it worked).

    Did it exceed my expectations? No it met my expectations. It looks great but the functionality leaves a lot to be desired. That is, this mouse is an example of form over function.

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