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    Does Not Work with mid 2011 iMac

    Bought 3 hours ago, paired it and unplugged cable so that it would work wirelessly - it didn't - it crashed my computer. The restart crashed before the login screen and so it went on and on in a loop - crashed every time. Switched mouse off and computer booted up fine but as soon as i went to bluetooth preferences -> Magic Mouse 2 -> connect, it crashed.
    I am running a mid 2011 27" iMac and os x 10.11 so I meet the system requirements as stated on apple's site.
    The panic report says:
    "IOGMD: not wired for the IODMACommand ... iokit/Kernal ...(... rest deleted as not allowed in a review)
    which in my book says that it can't handle the i/o of this mouse.
    Going back to store tomorrow

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    Poor precision

    I would like to know how can Apple create a mouse that is soo awful! It does not work on glass and its precision requires a solid color surface to work reasonably well. It is a shame not being able to create a good mouse in 2015. The majority of mice nowadays are much better than Magic Mouse 2. I absolutely regret my decision in buying this one.

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    Quick delivery and super performance right out of the box! Great!

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    I don't understand why the magic mouse is still around and only slightly updated. Changing the battery to one that charges in the case is a step forward but uh its still unusable for more than 5 minutes. You can't use it for games that require a right or center button plus most games last more than 5 minutes. Cant use it to work because your hand will cramp up....What is the use of this thing ( just because people buy them with the computer does not mean people use them...its because you can't opt out of a mouse!! )? I love Apple products. I buy them for work ( have like 16 iMacs ) but I buy them with the old Apple Mouse from like 10 years ago....I still don't use that either but at least they are sorta usable. The wheel and right mouse button don't work good. You can't use the right mouse button along with the left at the same time. They all occupy space in my drawer ( about 3 trackpads, 2 magic mice and 3 apple mice....just collecting bread crumbs) ...I wish for once Apple would take the shape of your hand to make a mouse instead of the shape of a space ship. Or keep the space ship one and give us an ergonomic alternative. Please!! At this point it will be another 5 years for a new design. I don't also don't understand why you need a trackpad mouse when you also sell a trackpad. If you need that kind of functionality buy the trackpad! Logitech will have my mouse money in the mean time. Its just funny to walk around an office with all iMacs and not one Apple mouse being used....Whats also weird is that it seems like Apple was listening with the keyboard because they made the function keys normal size so why not listen to the peoples complaints about the Magic Mouse?

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    Second. Worst. Mouse. Ever.

    I hated the first generation Magic Mouse. But being the type of person who is always up for trying new things I thought I'd try the second generation Magic Mouse with my new iMac for a while to see if it grew on me. It didn’t. It’s worth noting that I am a male with hands which span 20cm (8 inches) from little finger to thumb with my digits spread out. Anyway...

    Pros: (If you liked the MM1…)

    - It's lighter. You don't feel like you're dragging a heavy paperweight around the mouse pad.
    - It recharges from the Mac… but you can't use it while it’s charging because the port is on the underside of the mouse.


    - The MM2 is too flat and the arch of the MM2 is in the middle of the device. The mouse doesn't follow the contour of my hand. If you look at a regular mouse you will see that the arch is placed towards the back of the mouse and it is more of a 'cliff edge' than symmetrical design.
    - On a regular mouse I find my thumb and little finger grab the sides keeping the mouse steady. I can't do that on the MM2 because my hand will 'arch' with nothing to rest the palm of my hand on. This makes holding the mouse extremely uncomfortable and causes the hand to ache.
    - The sharpish edges make it somewhat uncomfortable. I did however find them slightly smoother that the MM1.
    - The only parts of my hand touching the mouse are the tips of my fingers. This makes it very difficult for me to control the mouse accurately.

    Overall, the improvements are minimal and I would still recommend the Magic Trackpad or a regular mouse over the MM2.

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    Pretty Bad....

    I was coming from a Logitech M325 ($20) mouse. The plan was to free up a USB port that was currently used for a USB receiver for the old mouse by switching to a bluetooth one.

    I could not get through the first day of using this mouse.

    - The tracking speed set at max is still very slow and even trying to click on certain things on the screen is awful. A mouse has essentially one function right? Its like a phone that cant make phone calls.

    - The scrolling is also just horrible - jerky and enough to drive one crazy. I had high hopes for a nearly $100 mouse - but I would not use this if I was paid to use it - will be returning it and going to back to my cheap Logitech mouse for now.

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    Not innovative at all

    Had to take it back, the charge port on the bottom is nonsense... Instead I bought an original magic mouse and Mobee Technology Magic Charger + battery pack (about $30 on Amazon), which allows wireless charging!! I honestly don't know what Apple seems to have against wireless charging pads... Seriously, it shouldn't take so many product cycles to get features that are so common on nearly all other similar products. Disappointing Apple.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Recommended to buy it.

    I just bought this today. It worked perfectly right out of the box. I have seen none of the problems other reviewers have complained about. I'm happy I have it.

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    El Capitan ONLY!

    I'm guessing I'll like the Magic Mouse 2; I like the previous version, and I'm looking forward to the rechargeable batteries.

    However, it seems inexcusable to me that Apple doesn't make it clear before ordering that this is only compatible with El Capitan! I waited for the mouse to be delivered, then followed the instructions to set it up... it wouldn't pair. So I thought maybe it needed to be charged first; after an hour, still no love. So I finally got on the phone with Apple Support and explained my problem; the tech support guy had to put me on hold while he got an answer to the issue... and when he came back he explained the OS version requirement.

    Are you kidding me? Even Apple Support doesn't know their new accessory is incompatible with the Yosemite? How can that not be in a big alert on the ordering page?

    Unfortunately, some of the software I use for work is not compatible with El Capitan, so my nice new Magic Mouse 2 will have to sit on my desk until that's resolved.

    Major fail, Apple. I don't really care if you want to require your latest OS for accessories, but you do have a responsibility to make that abundantly clear before you sell them.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Magic Mouse 2 is a great improvement to the previous bluetooth Magic Mouse!

    This mouse is a huge improvement to the previous Magic Mouse! Connectivity is much easier and more reliable. Also extremely accurate with commands, and doesn't seem so hyper-sensitive like the previous mouse! No more worry about battery life and swapping out 'rechargeable' batteries, and it is extremely easy to use. No more manually having to connect the mouse in your bluetooth preferences once it's been set up with the system... all I have to do now is 'click' the mouse and it connects right away whether I just turned on my computer, or wake it up from (sometimes it does it without having to). I'm assuming the full charging time takes about 2 hours (like they say it does), but mine was almost fully charged out of the box. Charged for about a half hour when new for a full charge. Currently, after 5 days of 'extremely' high usage, I still have about 85% life on it. I'm very very happy with this updated mouse! I honestly kept having issues with the previous model Magic Mouse, and after replacing it once under warranty and having to go back in 2 days later, Apple offered & allowed me to return it (it was out of a June 2015 iMac computer bundle), along with my recent purchase of rechargeable batteries, and upgraded me the newest Magic Mouse 2. What a lifesaver! I'm so much happier with this, and no longer have to worry about the battery life of this one. My previous model keyboard (from the June 2015 bundle) was never an issue with battery life that lasts forever (even with alkaline batteries), so we only replaced the mouse. When checking the reviews before getting the newest mouse, I previously seen some complaints about how people are irritated with the bottom charging port 'design flaw' which makes it useless while it's being charged, but it's honestly not a big deal for me (even with the high usage I'm used to). With 2 minutes of charging it will give you 9 hours of usage in a pinch, and a full 2 hour charge will give you more than a month of usage... and longer if you don't have high usage! In the time it took me to write, edit & post this review, my mouse was at a full charge again. The ONLY thing I wish they would have incorporated, was to add LED lights and/or battery charge status to the device...something like what the Apple rechargeable battery pack does when it's plugged into the wall. You have to have the power switch on, and have it connected to your computer, to be able to find out if it's fully charged & see the charging status in the bluetooth status bar. I also just realized that it renders the mouse completely useless while it's charging... but I'm sure that it's so that it doesn't make phantom commands while upside down and charging. I would normally want to plug in the Magic Mouse 2 away from my computer to charge it (like my iPhone 6S), and that's the only reason I'd prefer a better way to see the charging status outside of having to connect it to my computer via USB. However, I still give this newest mouse a 5-star rating based on reliability and functionality... I can appreciate the improved connectivity & better accuracy it definitely provides!

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    Mouse can't be used while charging

    Why did they put the charging port on the bottom? Should I have two mice just to be able to work while the mouse is charging?

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    Useful, but painful

    I agree with the posts on: Why is the plug on the bottom, even the side would have been better. As for the comfort, the low profile will certainly have a negative effect on the wrist over time. I like the scroll and swipe features, but as a regular computer user I find the mouse disappointing.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Rattles - doesn't lie flat on surface

    Just bought this today as I smashed my old Magic Mouse to pieces this week owing to it continually disconnecting every few minutes. This stays connected, but it's not manufactured very well as it wobble and rattles on a flat surface, which is pretty annoying after about an hour. Taking this one back for a replacement.

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    Heres to everyone upset by the charger positioning

    I really like the new Magic Mouse. Although the design is essentially the same, the rechargeable battery is great. I've seen a lot of grief about the charger being on the bottom of the mouse, and obviously people haven't looked into their product much. The new Magic Mouse is a quick charging device, which means you can get approximately 9 hours of battery life from a 2 minute charge. In reality, you won't ever have your mouse plugged in long enough to be phased by this. Just thought I should pass this information along.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    what was apple thinking with this mouse

    by far the worst mouse. it was a step backward for this mouse. its not comfortable to use plus it lags with my mouse pad. the magic mouse 1 performs better the this for the money. honestly i would just buy a 20 dollar mouse that could do better then this. don't get it if you are looking for a comfortable mouse. hate it. will be returning soon.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I don't understand the complaints about the port location

    I initially purchased the Magic Trackpad 2. Even though I loved it, after using it for a week, I had to return it due to hand pain. I am a software developer by trade, and since purchasing my first multi-touch Macbook Pro back in 2008, I've grown very attached to my gestures. I normally use my laptop's trackpad along with a mouse, but due to my desk's space limitation, I've been using my laptop in clamshell mode. Which means, no more trackpad. I tried using just the mouse but I was getting frustrated with the lack of gestures.

    I initially went with the trackpad because when I tried the mouse at the Apple Store, I did not like it. On the first day I purchased the mouse, I did not like it at all. I could not get used to the form factor, the tracking speed was too slow, and the touch surface was not as smooth so gestures were harder to execute.

    Then one day, I had a strict deadline at work so I was in a programming frenzy. The thought of which mouse I was using didn't even enter my mind because I was so busy. By the end of the day, I felt very comfortable the with the Magic Mouse. The gestures that felt awkward started to feel natural.

    The best part was that I no longer felt pain in my hand like I felt when using the trackpad. And I finally got my much beloved gestures back. To me it's the best of both worlds -- mouse + trackpad. Another bonus is that even with an ergonomic mouse, I feel pain around the knuckle of my index finger when I click the left mouse button. With the Magic Mouse, I lightly hold it with my thumb and my pinky with the remaining three fingers lightly resting on the top of the mouse. And I click with the three fingers, which has alleviated the pain in my knuckle.

    So my setup is: I click with 3 fingers and left click with my index finger, which is set up as the secondary click. This works very well for me. I would also recommend downloading BetterTouchTool which is compatible with the Magic Mouse 2. I've set two finger tap as the middle click, so I can easily open links in tabs in Safari. Another thing you can do in BetterTouchTool is crank up the tracking speed. I find setting the tracking speed to 12 to be the sweet spot.

    Also, a note about the lightning port being at the bottom of the mouse. I don't understand the big fuss over the location of the port. The complaint is that due to the location, you cannot use the mouse while it's being charged. But are you aware that it takes a mere 2 minutes of charging time to get 9 hours of use? That's like a bathroom break. Or get up and stretch for a couple minutes because you always hear how prolonged sitting is bad for you. It honestly feels like nitpicking to me.

    To me, this is a 5 star product. No more having to replace the batteries. Fast charging time. And best of all, I finally have my gestures!

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    worst mouse for the price

    honestly i think i can buy a way better mouse for less then 50 bulks. this mouse is the worst mouse i have ever used. the mouse it self is very very uncomfortable to use. i would recommend something other then this mouse to mac users. my 10 dollar mouse dose better job then this. i am very disappointed with this apple product. i will be returning it tomorrow. the track pad is a better choice.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Will not work unless upgrade to el capitan.

    Complete waste of money. Requires update to OS X 10.11. No on or charging indicator light. Will not pair to iMac running OS X 10.10.5. Plan to return. Really disappointed in the way Apple has been with making things compatible. Photos app being another failure - poor iCloud syncing, lack of sharing with older OSs, requiring closing/reopening app before sharing online, unable to share if library stored on external drive. Miss the old Apple where things just worked.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Highly Recommended

    What a nice mouse to use, so simple to setup, simply plug into your computer, use cable, and voila, all done.

    Seems to glide nicer over my desk than my older Magic Mouse as well I think.

    Overall, very happy.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    So far, I'm impressed

    I just bought this today and so far I have no complaints at all. It worked perfectly right out of the box. I have seen none of the problems other reviewers have complained about. I'm happy I have it.

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