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    The strap looks great in the display especially with the matching Rose Gold buckle. Wife has a rose gold apple watch and loved this strap. Unfortunately, the excitement only lasted till we opened the box to find out that the strap we purchased did not have the matching Rose gold buckle. We were very disappointed as it looked very cheap on the Rose gold watch. No where close to what it looked like in the display. Come to find out, only new rose gold watches get that buckle! I love Apple products and have 10 different Apple products in my house. This is my first disappointment ! I feel like it is false advertisement from Apple to show something in the display and sell something else! Hope you guys come up with additional color matching buckles!

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    Comfortable and nice alternative band!

    Love this band! So glad I purchased the rose gold watch with this band. It is lightweight and I don't feel the heaviness of my watch like I used to with the sports band. So far, it is very flexible yet durable.

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    I love this band

    I received this band for my birthday a few days back and this was a present I received. After wearing it for a few days I love the feel and would recommend this band.

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    Great band!

    I bought this band yesterday and love it! It's a nice dressy-casual style and very comfortable. I'm headed back to the store for another one. Please add more colors soon!

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    LOVE IT !!!

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    My favorite band!

    I wish my rose gold Sport watch had come with this band. It would be even better if the band came with different colors of metal buckles. It would be nice to have the rose gold color buckle to match my watch. Regardless of that one detail, the nylon bands are the best! I never felt comfortable in the sport band. It is inflexible and sweaty in hot weather. The nylon bands are so lightweight, breathable, classy feeling and classy looking. I love this one so much I also bought the Scuba Blue and the Gold/ Red nylon bands. You hardly feel the watch on your wrist with these bands. They are worth the price for sure.

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    Amazing alternative band!

    I own the Apple Watch Sport. It came with the white sport band, which I love! I actually received a blue one for Christmas I enjoyed that band so much! I also own a aftermarket leather band. This nylon band is a great addition to my watch band collection. It is so light and comfortable! It is very high quality feeling and looks amazing on my silver Apple Watch Sport. I have a small wrist and I was worried about the size but it fits me perfectly. Highly recommended band for the price!!

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