• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect and stylish

    I ordered this band in hopes it was what it appeared and it's that and a bag of chips. I have a smaller wrist so it doesn't make my watch look bulky and fits wonderfully. I really enjoy how breathable it is as well. It not only is stylish but it makes the watch fit better therefore being more useful. Thank you for having such a great product, I will be ordering another color for me and letting my daughter pick one out as well. Comfort functionality stylish.

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    Of course I will purchase more Watch bands!

    I was extremely disappointed that the band is as small as it is, however, it is a comfortable band. I would like to see the band a little longer for my wrist. I would also like to have the clasp in the rose gold to match my watch. This would make it more unique and me - Come on Apple, I know it can be done! Will I by more of these watch bands? of course I will. I like to have all the options available to me to match my outfits and mood.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it, but can't give it 5 stars

    I have the space grey (aka black) sport watch and never really liked the black sport band that came with it. It just made the watch look bulkier on my smallish female wrist, plus the wide band in black just made it look mannish. I had been looking at alternative bands, and had considered just getting another sport band in a brighter color, or a cheap look-a-like because I really struggled to want to spend $50 on a band I don't really like... and there was definitely no way I was paying $150 for the other bands. That is just a ridiculous price for a watch band in my opinion (fyi, previously I was a $75-100 analog watch wearer... I think only folks in the $500 watch crowd would find $150 reasonable for a band alone)

    I was so happy when these bands came out! Like others I am disappointed that the buckles are only silver, aside from the black band. Why does Apple think that people will only pair black bands with space grey? I can understand that it may be hard to get the quantities correct to make folks of all types happy without having a ton of overstock, but it does leave many people disappointed. I don't dislike it enough to forgo the band, but I do wish it had a buckle that matched my watch.

    Also, as others have said, the band is rather small. It isn't a problem for me, but I can see how folks with larger wrists wouldn't be able to wear this. The smallest notch would fit my two year old. Why would you even make a band go that small? For me the size is great, but I do think they should give you the two sizes like they do with the sport bands, or at least sell the different sizes separately. But oh well, at least the extra notches make it breath a little better I suppose.

    I do love the band though, and it is more comfortable than the sport band was. Yesterday I was standing outside sweating in the sun for 7 hours and the watch didn't bother me one bit. If the sport band was still on my wrist, it would have been itchy and yucky feeling from the sweat trapped beneath. The nylon band breaths a little better, feels a bit lighter, and is narrower. Plus, it is prettier!

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    Really nice

    I got the pink and have royal blue coming too.

    I love switching between various straps and will probably get other colours (other than the royal blue) in this range.

    Think with this lovely strap I'll have trouble returning to plastic coloured ones.

    It feels more watch strap now with this strap and delighted it actually accommodates those of us with tiny wrists :)

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    I'm thrilled it's smaller

    Speaking as someone who hasn't gotten to try new bands because they are all too big, I'm thrilled Apple made this the size they did. Could they have offered another size in addition, sure. But seriously 95% of the bands out there that are fabrics or with buckle are too big for me and I'm a pretty average female size. I'm so happy to finally have an alternative to the rubber sport band. I own this in 3 colors now I love them that much. I spilled chocolate on one and just washed it off with a bit of detergent. I just wish Apple would make more colors!! I want a green one, like emerald or kelly, and purple one, and a black one with a silver buckle.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Too small

    I was so excited to get this watch band. I do love the color and feel. However, it's way too small. I was very disappointed it didn't come with 2 bands, S/M and M/L, to fit larger wrists. I am going to have to return it now.

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