• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this band

    Couldn't wear the sport band, sweaty, hot, itchy. Can only wear in cool or cold weather. Didn't have any trouble clicking it in. According to written reviews 50% had trouble 'clicking' in. I will buy more of this type band. I really do love it & hope they fix the problem the others had with it, maybe a little more quality control.

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    Bad lugs.

    The lugs on the band are made of a seemingly cheap plastic. Not very Apple-esq. Bought a replacement and it too did not click into place on my aluminum watch. Returned them both. However the nylon band itself is very comfortable with good quality stitching. As a note, this was hard for me to write a poor review for an Apple product, when I love the brand so much. But this nylon band is just not up to par with Apple's strict standards.

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    Nice band.

    I really like this band and has made the feeling of wearing my watch completely different. I have always opted for the sports strap and while these are good I tended to find that they became uncomfortable after wearing them all day. The nylon band gives a whole new dimension to how the watch feel, as it makes it feel lighter and also accentuates the beautiful design of the watch more. I find myself wearing my watch all day now only taking it off before bed, whereas before I would always take it off when I got home from work. Definitely recommend this band.

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Flawed lugs

    I had to purchase 2 of these to get a band that would securely fit in my stainless steel Watch. The 1st band never clicked in, and the 2nd clicked only after I read forums suggesting to push the band towards the watch or pull it away while sliding in the middle. The milanese loop band that I bought with it fits perfectly, no pushing/pulling required. Apple needs to get their suppliers in check.

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    best apple watch band ever , now my apple watch looks more like an ordinary watch and it feels amazing on my wrist. my old sport band would leave me with a rash and my watches outline would be inprinted on my wrist but with the amazing soft texture of the new nylon band it feels as if my watch is never on my hand

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