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    That fit perfectly with my iPhone. Should recommend to friends to own this high quality silicone case.

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    pretty and soft

    I like the color a lot, definitely the feel of it. it's a bit too soft though, but i guess that's with all the silicone cases. the color is more vibrant in person, on the mint green-baby blue side though

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not long lasting

    I've had this case for under a month, and the color it first was is not the same color it is today. It started out as this nice blue now it is a light mint green. Also within the first week there was already a part of the case that was pulling up, now at the top there is a silicone missing section, while small I didn't drop the phone, so I'm honestly not sure how this mini ditch was formed. Also on the bottom right there is a half inch section where the silicone peeled up one day, and again I didn't drop it, therefore, I'm unaware of how it happened.

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