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    For more formal occasions it's a beautiful thing

    I wanted a back-up strap ready in case my rubber strap failed (which it hasn't yet). Now I wear this strap for the office and my sport strap when I get home. The end fittings match really well with the gold-tone of my aluminium case and the brown tones complement the colour of the case really nicely. I don't mind that the buckle is silver, not gold, but a brushed gold buckle would have been perfect. The construction and finishing of the woven strap is very nice - the raw end is sealed very well and very tidily and so are the holes.
    I ordered mine from Apple's store and I was a bit surprised about the size of the box - very big for just a watch strap. I had expected some designer understatement. The presentation was clever and impressive and protected the white box inside the outer box really well, and may seem necessary to Apple given these straps are not cheap, but seemed a bit overdone to me. I don't expect to need another strap for a long time.

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    Matches a silver aluminum watch only

    I would buy as a second band the cocoa/caramel version for my gold aluminum Series 2, but with the only color of the buckle available being silver aluminum there is no chance I will do that and I imagine many people feel the same way. If the only watch available were silver aluminum that would be one thing, but as is I am driven to the after market to scratch that itch. Unfortunate.

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