QuickTime 7 Pro Installation

If you have not already purchased a registration code for QuickTime, please do so first.

Entering Your QuickTime Pro Registration Code

Now that you have your QuickTime 7 Pro registration code (i.e., serial number or "pro key") for unlocking the advanced features of QuickTime Pro, follow the steps below to install it.

1. Locate the QuickTime 7 Control Panel

From the Windows Desktop, click on the Start menu, choose Settings, then choose Control Panel, then locate the QuickTime 7 Control Panel.

Note: The QuickTime 7 Control Panel will only be available if QuickTime 7 is already installed.


2. Open the Registration Window

Double click on the QuickTime 7 Control Panel then click on Register Tab.


3. Enter Your Name and QuickTime Pro Registration Code

Enter your name and QuickTime Pro registration code in the fields exactly as they appear in the email from the Apple Store online confirming your QuickTime Pro purchase. Then click Apply.


4. Verify

If the information you entered in the registration box is correct, you will see "QuickTime 7 Pro" below your Registration Code. That means you have successfully installed QuickTime 7 Pro. You are now able to take advantage of all the features of QuickTime 7 Pro.

If you do not see "QuickTime 7 Pro" below your Registration Code, go back to step #3 and carefully re-enter your registration information.

For additional help, please visit QuickTime Support.