Everything you need to enjoy the show.

The new Apple TV was designed with built-in assistive technologies that allow people with disabilities to fully experience television. These powerful yet easy-to-use accessibility features help you spend less time adjusting to your TV and more time enjoying it.

Big-time visual support for the big screen.

For those who are blind or have low vision, the new Apple TV supports a range of features such as VoiceOver and Zoom to help you take full advantage of all the entertainment your TV has to offer.


The new Apple TV supports VoiceOver, Apple’s screen reader. Available in all the languages supported by Apple TV, VoiceOver tells you exactly what’s on your TV screen and helps you choose commands. The tvOS version incorporates many VoiceOver gestures you’re already familiar with — including flicks, taps, and the rotor — so using it is easy and intuitive. To activate VoiceOver right out of the box, simply triple-click the Menu button and let Apple TV guide you through the initial setup.


Zoom is a built-in magnifier that works anywhere in the new Apple TV. With magnification adjustable up to 15 times the native size, Zoom can help users with a range of vision challenges. Use the Apple TV Remote to turn on Zoom and navigate through magnified content on the screen. Double-click the Search button to have the focused content spoken to you while Zoom is on.

Bold Text

Choose Bold Text to make the text easier to read across elements of the Apple TV interface.

Increase Contrast

Increase contrast on the screen by reducing the transparency of background elements on Movie pages, menu tabs, and more. You can also turn on a high-contrast cursor to better delineate the focused content.

Reduce Motion

When you turn on Reduce Motion, some screen actions — such as moving between app icons on the Home screen and launching apps — are visually simpler.

Accessibility Shortcut

Quickly turn on and off VoiceOver and Zoom using the Accessibility Shortcut. Once enabled in Apple TV, you can simply triple-click the Menu button to access your preferred accessibility features.

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Watch without missing a word.

Dialogue, music, and sound effects are critical to every onscreen story. If you’re deaf or hearing impaired, we’ve made it easy to experience your favorite movies exactly as the director intended.

Closed Caption and SDH Support

Apple TV supports closed captioning, so those who are deaf or hard of hearing can fully enjoy thousands of movies. Just look for the CC or SDH icon when buying or renting movies from the iTunes Store. You can even customize captions with different styles and fonts.

Accessibility Shortcut

Quickly turn closed captions on and off using the Accessibility Shortcut. Once the shortcut is enabled in Apple TV, you can simply triple-click the Menu button to access your preferred accessibility features.