Guided by iPod

iPod already takes you on a musical journey. Imagine where it could take you when paired with compelling content about the places you visit. Now that the perfect tour guide comes in handy pocket size, world-renowned institutions are taking note and making podcasts.


Available free on the iTunes Store, SFMOMA Artcasts provide an insider’s take on the museum. More than mere tours, these Muse Award-winning Artcasts paint vivid audio portraits that extend the SFMOMA galleries beyond their physical space in San Francisco to art fans everywhere. Download the latest Artcast and hear Olafur Eliasson and visitors respond to his mind-expanding exhibition Take your time. While at SFMOMA, check out an iPod for just $3 and enjoy in-depth, fully guided self-tours of not only Eliasson’s show but exhibits on other floors, as well — Jeff Wall on 4, Joseph Cornell on 3, and SFMOMA Collection Highlights on 2. With iPod as your tour director, you can move at your own pace.


France’s first private castle, the château de Chenonceau, now offers an audio and video tour, designed by briq. Each room in the castle features its own commentary, so you can choose what you want to hear, when and where you want to hear it. Fascinated by a tapestry in The Bedchamber of the five Queens? Just click that room on your iPod. Explore the old keep and the remains of the medieval mill. Walk in the footsteps of Voltaire, Marivaux, Montesquieu, Buffon, and Rousseau. Rediscover the Renaissance and the Grand Siècle in this most magnificent setting. All thanks to the iPod tour guide in your pocket.

Disney Cruise Line

During summer 2007, Disney Cruise Line® and Apple partnered to make you a savvy traveler. Guests on Disney’s Mediterranean cruises accessed exclusive, iPod-ready content including information on ports of call, travel tips, language guides, and more. All through iTunes, and all before even setting sail. Or once onboard the cruise ship, concierge guests had the option of checking out a special Disney Cruise Line iPod, preloaded and ready to play. With more cruise content in the works, iPod is your passport to magic.

iTunes Jukebox

If your institution would like to use iPod as a tour guide, look no further than a Mac and GarageBand.

Download this PDF to learn how to use iPod to provide information in tour and teaching environments: iPod Notes Feature Guide