Digital Music Basics

A world of music at your fingertips.

It’s easy to get more out of your music: Go digital with iTunes.

Take it with you.

Now all your music can come along for the ride (or the run or the flight). Just connect your iPod, iPhone, or iPad to your computer and iTunes automatically syncs your music. Or you can select which songs to take with you.

Reduce clutter.

You probably have more shelf space devoted to CDs than to photos. With iTunes, you can import your entire CD collection into your computer — so all your favorite music lives in one place, ready to search, organize, and play in a click. And no CDs mean no packaging and no waste — which also means going digital is better for the environment.

Get instant gratification.

Spare yourself a trip to the record store. Stop waiting for CDs to arrive in the mail. Buying music online from the iTunes Store means you can shop any time, day and night. Buy songs one at a time — or buy whole albums — and they start downloading immediately.

Mix and match music.

iTunes lets you organize and play your music in a whole new way. Take playlists, for example. Create a new one and drag songs into it, ready to play or burn to a CD. Or create a Smart Playlist that iTunes fills automatically according to your preferences.

Learn how to go digital with iTunes.

iTunes is a music player and a music store all in one. Use it to import songs from CDs you already own. Or add new music to your collection from the iTunes Store. All your music in one place and a built-in music store on your computer means no more rifling through jewel cases, no more trips to the megastore, and an easy way to get everything from your computer to your iPod — ready to play on the go.