Almost daily your customers and employees receive an avalanche of information. Emails. Voicemails. Memos. So how do you make sure your important message isn’t lost in the shuffle? Enter the easy-to-create, easy-to-share podcast.

Podcasting. It’s way simpler than it sounds.

So what is a podcast? It’s an audio or video programe to which a person can subscribe and receive new episodes automatically. It’s like a radio or TV programme, but a whole lot faster and easier to broadcast. And a whole lot less expensive — as in free.

Podcasts can be subscribed to and downloaded to any personal computer. Or to an iPod. So people can listen or watch — whenever, wherever they like.


Suddenly, it’s faster and easier to talk to your customers and your employees than ever before. People can hear or watch your podcast at lunch. Between projects. Even on the way to work.

Hello, everyone.

Have some company news you want to share? Want to send out a virtual tour of your new store? Need to keep your troops appraised of the latest industry news? Start the conversation with a podcast.

Who can you can talk to with your podcast? Almost everybody. After all, your ultimate audience is anyone who has a computer. Yet podcasts can greatly enhance communication and collaboration within smaller groups, too, like company workgroups.

Share insights. Report back from a convention. Whatever you want to say, podcasts are a great way to get — and keep — everyone on the same page.

Let’s talk to a million people. Today.

More than 30 million people subscribe to podcasts. And that number is growing exponentially. No topic is out-of-bounds. In fact, whether you market navel oranges or navel rings, you can find your audience with a podcast. You can add exciting music. Digital photos. A big animated company logo. Colourful videos. Whatever it takes to get your message across. And besides, do you know how long it would take to call each person separately?

Podcasting Producer

Take the big out of production.

It’s a cliché, but you can do it yourself. Software like Podcast Producer makes everything click-a-button easy, from high-quality sound recording to cleanly produced videos. You also can use other Mac software like GarageBand and iPhoto to personalise your production. Podcast Producer can even automatically send out emails to announce each new podcast. So easy, so simple. Do you expect anything less from us?


If your bottom line could talk, it would say yes.

As you can see, podcasting can be great for your business.

Incredibly economical, it’s an ideal way to expand your customer reach. What’s more, frequent podcasts can help build current customer and employee relationships. And repeat sales.

Interested? Check out how other businesses use podcasts. There are some great new ways to grow your customer base. And train employees. Watch a free online seminar on how to create podcasts. All your questions can be answered with just a click. Use the links on this page. Then put podcasting to work for your business.

Online Seminars

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The Podcast Recipe. Apple experts take you behind the scenes to see what it takes to perform a great-sounding podcast, produce a professional show and promote a podcast to reach as many people as possible. Learn More

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Online Podcast Resources

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