iPod here, there and everywhere.

Home. Work. And anywhere in between. Your iPod syncs easily with your life.

On your run and in the gym.

Your iPod nano or iPod touch makes a great running partner. iPod nano has built-in Nike+ support to track your time, distance, pace and calories burned. Just clip it on and go. iPod touch, along with the Nike + iPod Sensor and a pair of Nike+ shoes, gives you feedback while it records your walk or run. When you’ve finished, sync your iPod with nikeplus.com and you’ll see how fast you’ve run and how far you’ve come.

iPod is also your personal trainer at the gym. Just connect your iPod nano or iPod touch to any Nike + iPod compatible cardio equipment, and it records your workout and charges your iPod while your music and video keep you pumping.

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Wherever you go.

You can enjoy thousands of brilliant products made especially for your iPod. Products such as clock radios, pro-quality headphones and a full range of speaker systems for home, work and travel. Your iPod can be with you while you wake up, when you take off and wherever you end up.

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On the road.

Let your iPod drive your car’s sound system. Listen to and control your iPod in your car just as you would a CD. Nearly every new vehicle offers an option to connect your iPod. Just plug your iPod in and suddenly your car is filled with whatever is playing on your iPod.

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