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    Not even close to B&W p7 IN TERMS OF ENJOYING MUSIC!or get $300 amp with it

    • Written by from Baulkham Hills

    Ok, i am no audiophile, but neither are 99% of people that listen to music. There are many that pretend to be, but honestly, there are very few. This might be a great headphone but it fails to address a very basic point that music needs to be enjoyed with the soul, not sound technical. Its like driving a car that might be better in specs than others, but just is not fun to drive. Too technical, with no soul. . If you want to compose music, ok, then maybe this headphone will be useful, provided you also have something that can drive this thing. But if you want to enjoy your music on portable equipment, this thing is no good without the amp!. Buy this and spend another $300 on amp, might as well, get a HI-FI headphone like the HD700!

    I returned this and got the P7..right out of the box, the sound was amazing...so much fun to listen to music, even the tracks i don't like, sound so good that i keep listening to anything cause the p7's sound is so beautiful....

    Seriously, if you listen to H6 without the amp on anything portable, its worse than a $50 headphone in terms of enjoying your music. its like skeletal music without any body on it. Notes might be clear on the h6, but with no soul. Feels like there is cohesion between different notes in the tracks. Also, they are lighter than the p7, but the round ear pieces are very uncomfortable, even though i have small ears.

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