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    Seems stupid, but make sure it clicks in

    Bought this very expensive adapter to connect the Mini-Display port/Thunderbolt port on a Mac Mini 2014 to a ASUS 1920x1200 DVI port. Everything was working great until I decided to mount the display and Mac mini to the wall. Upon reconnecting the connections I got a NO DVI SIGNAL message on the monitor. I checked the connections and everything seemed ok, though the display port connection seemed to be a bit loose, like a bad USB connection. I was ready to begin troubleshooting the system with other monitors, cables, etc. when I tried the connection again and pushed a bit harder. It clicked in further this time and the connection with the monitor was made.

    The white part of the connector should sit nearly flush with the back of the mini display port socket. If it's sticking out further it's not seated properly. The connector should 'click' in, only then is it seated properly.

    $29.99 is a bit steep for this connector.

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    With some duct tape, this adapter may work reliably, or it may not.

    I got this adapter to extend the desktop of a new iMac. The two have now been attached for less than 3 years, linking the iMac via DVI to a Dell Ultrasharp monitor. After two years, if the cat walked by my desk, the Dell would black out. I checked the cables, changed cables, and figured out that the problem is in the connection at the Mini displayport. I finally started getting a reliable signal to the Dell by plugging in the adapter, pulling the adapter's cable up, against the iMac's back shell and duct-taping it in place about 3" above the port. In other words, this display port and its poorly-matching plug constitute a POS, in mechanic's jargon. I don't get it-the plug and its matching socket were developed by Apple (?), or at least both are built by Apple, but it's a lousy fit. That's unusual for Apple. There Will Be Duct Tape.

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    Doesn't do 1920 x 1200

    Beware 30" cinema display users... this cable will not do 1920x1200. It will max out at half the native resolution: 1280 x 800. Check out dual link dvi cables.

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    Works perfectly, but way overpriced

    It certainly works as it should, but how can they justify the price?

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    it's good, but not great (personal view)

    Obviously, the quality of image you're going to get depends on the graphics capability of your Mac.

    I tried one of these on my 13" MacBook, connected to a DELL 27" monitor.
    In the end, even after playing around with various resolution settings for the external monitor, I preferred the super sharp display on my Mac. (I'm using my Mac mostly for text based stuff, so maybe for watching movies it's different.)

    Also, might be worth pointing out that while the HDMI end will only fit one way, the miniport end (the bit that actually goes into your Mac) CAN be inserted upside down. I know, 'cos I did it that way (never connected one of these before) and spent a little while wondering why the heck it didn't work. DOH!

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    You asked for it so stop complaining about it!

    I'm not sticking up for Apple here -I agree that shipping with one adaptor is the right thing to do. However, please don't beat up on solutions to something we all ask for in the first place. That's a stronger, faster, lighter, better product. Every element to the new MBP gets scrutinized and made better, much like F1 cars. Furthermore, the MDP is a NEW INDUSTRY STANDARD! Check out the Video Electronics Standards Association and the flexibility of the MDP to connect to HDMI, DVI, and VGA (although the latter is low-res and outdated). If you don't want to pay a premium for genuine Apple accessories, then buy aftermarket brands (sound like the exact business model of the auto industry to you?) This is the way the world works and it ain't gonna change -at least not until we all stop being such demanding consumers and are happy with bland and beige for forever!

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    I was excited to open my new iMac and get it set up and going when I realized that the adapter from my other iMac did not fit onto my new iMac. Once again, I have to buy a new adapter which is ridiculous. I agree that these should be included with all new macs if they are going to continuously be changing the ports. This is something that I need and Apple is using the change to try and nickle-and-dime it's customers. I feel that there is less and less difference between MAcs and PCs as time goes on.

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    Kinda Short

    It's 4" long - so what cable is it an adapter FOR? I have a brand new MacBook pro and an existing monitor with a DVI port. This adapter won't reach the monitor port, so what "basic" cable for the MacBook does this "adapt"?

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    NOT a single link adapter DESIGN

    The actual pin design is dual link. Single links have the middle
    set of pins missing, or the middle set are dead. I have a link
    that show this, but Apple wouldn't let me list it, Check out
    data pro, one word, and look for the differences in DVI connections. there are

    This may be the problem with this adapter and many monitors including
    my Dell 2700fp. Heading to best buy for different adapters or cables to see if that
    works. IF not I have to sell my dell, my acer works perfectly.

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    Mini Display to DVI TOO SHORT!

    I Went to the Apple store in burlington mall and bought a brand new macBook. I already had an HP screen from my old PC. I found this adapter and thought of connecting my computer to the screen or my High Def TV. I opened the the box and the things like 3" long. I Think it is a Good investment if you have annother 70 bucks to blow on a DVI extention cord.

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    Does the job but is very awkward

    This does the job of connecting my MacBook Pro to my LG monitor just fine.

    The problem is that because the cable is so short it's very awkward, it would be much better if the cable was perhaps twice as long. At the moment the bulky section just keeps getting trapped behind the desk.

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    Mini Display Port to DVB... not DVI?

    This DVI adapter works perfectly as a a way of driving an external digital display using a DVB cable but it does not have analogue output (those 4 pins surrounding the big flat pin). This is a problem for me if I arrive somewhere that they only use analogue connectors for the lcd projectors.

    Life should not be this complicated - after owning many macbooks I now have a collection of useless external monitor cable adapters.

    I think a DVI cable carries both analogue and digital whereas a DVB cable is digital only so maybe this product description is misleading?

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    Not all interfaces created equally

    Just a warning:

    I purchased this to use with a Dynex DVI to VGA adapter. I could not use it. Dynex has extra pins around the wider and flat "pin"on its DVI interface that the Mac DVI interface does not support.

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    30 not fully supported

    I bought a 15" macbook pro this weekend at the apple store in Sydney and was also sold this adaptor after stating that i needed to connect to old displays (as well as 30's). The apple rep told me this would run the 30" display fine but it does not. You can only get 1280x800 out of the 30 which looks terrible. It should state this in the product description. I'm not sure why this is but I have had to resort back down to a 23" old style display in the studio. Not too impressed.

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    Good product, can be better

    Bought the adapter today for my MacBook 13.3" 2.0 Alum. Pleased with the performance on my 19" LCD monitor so far, but not quite convinced that I have to leave my MB monitor on-unclosed. Actually I hate the fact the I saw reviews saying I must connect my external input devices (which I own), and boo! then I can use it as I wish. MB is generating a lot of heat and I do not want the heat to cook my MB monitor, that's not a comforting experience using the MB. Mirror display seems not a good choice because things get a little blurry on my external monitor even after I set the corresponding size.

    I know it is just an "ADAPTOR", but come on, make it perfect !! Apple !!

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    Not backwards compatible with DVI -> VGA adapter

    If you still have your DVI -> VGA adaptor that came with the previous generation of laptops and where thinking that with purchasing this item you would be able to use that adapter to go from mini display port -> DVI -> VGA and save money instead of having to buy separate Mini D -> DVI and Mini D -> VGA, you thought wrong.

    The product works as specified but I gave it 3 stars for lack of compatibility which when developing a product is something you should consider, also lack of information about this products compatibility and function on the packaging itself when purchased in store.

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    Slow Response Time

    I connect my MacBook with my Samsung 931c with his cable. I found that there is a delay in the display output, anyone is seeing the same problem. You can observe that the display is not as smooth as the display on the notebook itself. I wonder it's due to the signal conversion.

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    Mixed feelings

    The adapter is DVI-D, meaning it has a digital only signal. It connects well to my Toshiba HD-TV using this adapter and a DVI-D to HDMI converter cable. Resolution is excellent, recognition of the second display is easy.
    However, many projectors and adapters (not necessarily very old, and certainly widespread in use) support only VGA or connections for DVI-I (digital + analog).
    This adapter is often incompatible, and I've been forced to buy the extra $29 VGA adapter to use my MacBook Pro for presentations.
    For this reason, a mediocre review.

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    Overall great product if you know the shortcomings

    I am using it with a Samsung 245BW 24" LCD bought from Costco. It works perfectly until the computer dims the screen. Once the Macbook dims the screen the Samsung will start to flicker, jump around and never be stable. Restarting corrects it.

    If I never let the monitor dim or go to sleep it works flawlessly. Just be aware that if you are having flicker issues it is probably because your computer went to partial sleep.

    Working on MacBook 2009

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    Works as expected IF you know your "Late 2008 MacBook Pro" settings

    I had just got a new "Late 2008" MacBook Pro 15", and I was frustrated with getting 1920x1200 resolution to work with this adapter and any non-Apple LCD monitor. The display would switch to 1920x1200, but the image suffered intermittent video noise (e.g. red lines streaking across the screen, jumpy video, etc). I thought something was wrong with the video card or the adapter. Long story shorter, it turns out this model of MBP has two NVidia chipsets (I knew that, but didn't know how to switch them or which was dedicated to which port, etc), and that you can force the "better" chipset to be used by going to the Energy Saver pane in the System Preferences and choosing "Higher Performance". That fixed my problem instantly.

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