Belkin Ease-Fit Plus Armband for iPod nano (7th Gen.)

Belkin Ease-Fit Plus Armband for iPod nano (7th Gen.)


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Product Information

  • Overview

    The Belkin Ease-Fit Plus Armband keeps your 7th-generation iPod nano in easy reach without getting in the way of your workout. Its sporty, form-fitting design comfortably stays in place while you exercise. The built-in screen protector provides full access to your screen and home button controls. There's even a pouch for storing your key or some cash.

    Flexible for a good fit

    A long strap with an adjustable closure ensures a truly comfortable fit. Its neoprene-and-Lycra blend is lightweight and flexible, so there's no sense of added weight. The armband fits snugly against your arm without adding bulk, allowing you to easily reach your iPod nano touchscreen. And for convenience, you can hand wash the armband.

  • Highlights

    • Long, adjustable strap for custom fit
    • Integrated pouch holds your house key, locker key, or cash
    • Made of breathable, hand-washable material
    • Slim, form-fitting design ideal for workouts
  • Did you notice?

    The integrated pouch safeguards your key or money.
  • Apple Recommends For

    Keep your iPod nano and your music close at hand while running or working out.
  • What's in the Box?

    • Belkin Ease-Fit Plus Armband for iPod nano (7th Gen.)
  • Tech Specs

    • Form Factor: Armband
    • Material: Neoprene
  • Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    • Mfr. Part Number: F8W216ttC00
    • UPC or EAN No.: 722868927830


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    • Warranty: One-year limited


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  • Not the best armband

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    -Seems pretty durable

    -Screen cover loose, and can makes swiping the touch screen difficult.
    -No access to volum Pros:
    -Seems pretty durable

    -Screen cover loose, and can makes swiping the touch screen difficult.
    -No access to volume or play/pause button. These buttons may get pushed accidently by case.

    If you need to swipe your ipod while its in the armband, it is easy enough to stop your workout, slide the nano out of the armband enough and do what you need to do.

    If you are just doing your thing and listening to music, and do not mind the occasional pause, track skip, or the voice over to be activated (holding down the play/pause too long), then this is a viable solution for you.

    If you are listening to an audiobook, and losing your place due to random track skips would cause you any sort of aggravation, perhaps this is not the armband for you.

    Unfortunately, I do listen to audiobooks, and this armband doesn't work for me.

    • Written by from Falls Church

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    Was this useful? Not the best armband

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