i'm a teenager and i would like an iPhone 5s with wifi but i don't really want a contract but i want to text, any ideas on what i should do?

no contract

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    I got my iphone with Virgin Mobile at BestBuy...no contract..its month to month and very reasonable ..u may find it is what you need. Data text and voice starts at $35 ..less if you autobill to a charge card.

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  • Get an unlocked iPhone 5s and get a texting app for it. The texting will be completely free

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  • just purchase one you can afford and dont set up a bill with it. make sure you have a wifi connection if not look up on the internet how you can get wifi or see if your parents can. once then. get a apple id so you can download text messaging apps and phone calling apps.

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  • You should buy an iPod, it's like the same, but you don't have a contract, by the way, you don't have the home finger print button or the slow motion.

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  • Buy an unlocked phone from Apple and used it with whichever carrier you prefer. Many carriers have contract-free plans.

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  • Consider buying an iPod touch or an iPad mini and use iMessage on WiFi only. If you want an iPhone 5s, consider buying a used one.

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  • iPod touch with text app on wifi

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