Can I connect multiple wemo switches from 2 different Wifi at 2 different sites using the same Wemo App on the same iphone?

For example : I hope to connect WeMo switches in my home and Office using the same App on the same iPhone. If it is not possible. Could someone suggest a possible solution that doesn't involve getting another iPhone or iPad or iPod.

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    According to the Belkin website, it cannot. I wanted to do precisely what you wanted to at work and at home.

    "Can my WeMo App control WeMo devices in different homes (on multiple networks)?
    No, WeMo App cannot control other WeMo devices in different homes. Currently, an Android™ or iOS device can only control WeMo devices in one (1) location. To control WeMo devices in multiple locations, you will need another iOS or Android device for each location."

    I tried and it did not work. I do not have another solution at this point, but I'm also looking for one.

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  • I had a wemo insight switch working properly at my home in florida; i installed another one in my home in kentucky, and the florida one dropped from the wemo app (sometimes grayed out, sometimes "not detected", and sometimes just fully MIA. I then returned to my florida home, and the ky wemo was visible and operable remotely (remember at this point the florida device is not showing up). I set the florida device up again and the ky device disappeared. It seems to me the app cannot see, much less operate, devices in two different locations, as suggested. Seems a gaping shortcoming. The solution, of course, is to buy a different mfg.'s switches for the second home. But it doesn't seem like a very good business plan. Any other suggestions?

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  • Yes ....however..... you must log into the Wi-Fi connected to the particular device.

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