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    Its my understanding the answer to whether there are portal covers on this case is "NO". Despite what other responders say about the" right way" being "blowing out" dust, I have learned the hard way, you need a case that is a "YES" to port covers. Ports are deep, cannot be "blown out" and need to be coverable or they get filled with dust and other minescule debris, worse yet with moisture.. I had a Commuter Case on my 4S, and when I upgraded to the 5, I was surprised to see how much minescule "stuff" was collected around the ringer toggle. All the other ports were covered by the case and they were completely clean. If people want to retain a high resale value for their phones, those People really NEED to have port covers to keep junk out of the ports. Case makers might recommend port covers are unnecessary but this is only because their products do not address it and have otherwise failed to accomplish it. My experience is that port covers not only keep out dust, but also keep out moisture. Expensive phones NEED port covers...

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  • No. It could be a problem in a dirty environment. For the average user whose phone is in their pocket, like me, I just blow them out with my breath once in a while and have had no problems. It was an adjustment though, my last 4 cases were otterbox defenders. I wouldn't go back!

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  • The portals for the earphones are open but covered above and below quite nicely. The case covers the charger opening on each side creating a box around the charging port. So the coverage around the portals are boxed so that coverage is created but also not completely covered that you would have trouble accessing them. Hope this helps.

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  • No port covers and if you keep your phone in areas that are dirt/dust prone then yes the open ports,mute toggle, and speaker openings are exposed. Water/moisture well again it depends on the environment the phone will be used in. I keep all areas of my iphone 5 free of dirt dust ect. by using air in a canister. As far as moisture I use electronic wipes to clean my phone daily. So far i have not had any moisture damage nor are any of my ports or the toggle filled with dust ect. I say take your circumstances into consideration and decide what fits your lifestyle. I love this case and intend to buy another just to change the color when I want to. Hope this helps!

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