how good is the bass?

if I play a song with a lot of bass is it good or not?

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    bass is really good on these. To get the full effect, you make sure the earbuds are tightly fitted into your ear, so make sure you got the right configuration with the provided bud sizes

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  • Are we talking about the same headphones here? Compared to what? Do people actually know what bass is? Have I set these up wrong?

    I read a lot of reviews saying that these had good bass but was so disappointed when I first listened to them I took them back as I thought they were faulty and had them replaced. On my second pair and nope: weak, weak bass.

    Thought maybe I was just spoiled for bass (I use V-Moda M100s when I'm at work and wanted the bluebuds for running), but even compared to my £30 pair of Sennheiser CX-180s some of the lower and more ambient sounds from various techno tracks simply weren't audible. In fact, I got a deeper bass drum sound when listening to them on an old £10 pair of earphones I had kicking about the flat.

    To be fair, these headphones aren't bad for people that don't like bass - they have an excellent midrange, but I got these for running and who cares about midrange when you're running?

    I'll be taking these back tomorrow.

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  • It's very good! On par with my MotorRokr S9-HD bluetooths. I did a side by side with Bose wired buds and these were equal. I don't feel that the bass is artificially boosted, either.

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  • they are phenomenal

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  • Bass is great, but you need to have a very good fit. If you are not getting good bass, you don't have the right buds or you haven't seated them deep enough. I was using the stock buds that came with the JB out the box. After about a month, they started to get loose, which is probably normal with heavy use. I am now using the Comply T-500 tips and they work better. And bass is great.

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  • It's fine, but it is absolutely essential that you get them to fit right. They need a TIGHT fit, and for a lot of people, using 15 bux on some Comply T-500 tips is well worth the super bass you get.

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