Is there an iKlip Microphone Stand Adaptor for iPad Air?

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    iKlip 2 is not compatible with the iPad Air according to IK Multimedia:

    "The new iPad air will not fit iKlip 2. We do not have any news on adapters for this unit yet. Keep an eye on our website for any news regarding iPad air and iKlip compatibility."

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  • IK Multimedia now offers iPad Air adapters for their iKlip 2, and iKlip Stand products (iKlip 1 is not supported).

    They claim that the adapters are now included in the box for the iKlip 2 and iKlip Stand, however I have purchased one of each over the last 2 weeks and neither one had them included, most likely they were older new stock from before the adapters were included.

    The adapters are also available separately on IK Multimedia's site.

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  • They include adapters for iPad air2 but unfortunately it's not a snug enough fit to keep it from sliding out the open end of the adapter should you happen to turn the open end down, even for just a moment, as I did. Fortunately it landed on a carpeted surface and survived. I feel lucky because usually when performing I'm on a hard surface, which it would not have survived. I tried a TPU protector but it is slightly to big to fit in the iKlip. I'm returning mine before it costs me an iPad Air2.

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