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    The "30' in "BR30" is the diameter of the lamp in eighth-inches. Thus 30 * 1/8 = 3.75 inches diameter.

    BR lamps are typically flood lights. A similar PAR30 could come in various beam spreads from spot to wide flood. The light from a BR lamp has a softer edge than a PAR lamp.

    If we can asssume this lamp is like the non-remote-controlled Phillips 429498, then it has a 90 degree beam angle, which is a wide beam spread.

    At 600 lumens it will have similar light output to a regular incandescent 60 watt lamp.

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  • a BR30 bulb is a spotlight with a diameter of 3.75 inches.

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  • It's the same size with the approximate light spread of a standard incandescent BR30 bulb

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  • It produces a wide flood, with edges not as well controlled as incandescent PAR lamps. The front element seem to be a diffuser, which is not expected in a typical reflector design. This lamp does throw a lot of light in one direction. But when considering light control it's not a 100% replacement for an 'R' rated lamp.
    I'm using two of these bulbs in floor cans to provide wall washing. The light looks great. But I'm going to go slow in using these bulbs in ceiling cans until I'm sure I'm satisfied with the quality of light distribution as plain white lights.
    Note that Philips doesn't characterize this bulb as "wide flood' or 'narrow flood'. I believe this lack of precise definition is due to design compromises needed when trying to control the multiple point light sources found in LED lighting.

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