Can it still control Expose functions?

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    YES because recently an app called MagicPrefs was released; this piece of software allows you to customize many clicks, taps, pinch and swipe gestures to whatever functions you like, including expose and dashboard. MagicPrefs is a free download.

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  • All the other answers to this question skirted the answer: NO. As in: yes, the newer, better apple mouse actually removes (wildly popular) functionality - and that stinks.

    Given apples track record with mice you'd think they'd at least release multi-touch mouse firmware that gives gestural equivalents to the customizable mighty mouse center click and squeeze

    Seriously; I'd like not to have to put both hands on the keyboard to trigger expose via a hot key and screen corners are still a workflow interruption.

    As much as I love the magic mouse from an industrial design standpoint - it inferior from a workflow perspective until they release firmware that gives us expose gestures.

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  • Yes, but you will need to install MagicPrefs first.

    MagicPrefs is a free menubar and preference pane application for OSX which aims to improve the functionality and configuration options of the Apple Magic Mouse.

    It features the ability to bind a variable number of finger clicks, taps, swipes, pinch and other gestures to functions like Middle Click , Hold Down Both Mouse Buttons , Spaces , Expose, Dashboard etc.

    Touch Sensitivity implements a single point control for a number of factors impacting the algorithms of the taps, swipes, pinch and other gestures.

    Tracking Speed adds the ability to increase the maximum mouse speed by a extra 200%.

    Also featured is a real-time display of the fingers touching the surface of the mouse that you can enable to test and monitor the way the mouse sees your input.

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  • Looking at the Preferences panel for Magic Mouse it would appear not (although you should be able to set up the "secondary click" feature to do this), but you can also set up Exposé to activate when the mouse cursor is moved to a corner of the screen (System Preferences > Exposé > Active Screen Corners).

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  • No, there is no Exposé function on the new Magic Mouse. I have talked with two different Apple technical support people and they both said no. Sad!

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  • YES! look up magic prefs or BetterTouchTool, both free software addons that enable one, two, three, or four finger taps, clicks, and gestures which can be assigned to any keyboard shortcut or a range of other predefined actions such as all expose functions.

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  • No, the Magic Mouse does not currently support it.

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  • You can use a third party preference pane program called magicprefs. Just google it since i can't post the exact website address here, which adds a lot of other functionalities to the apple magic mouse.

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  • Yes it can. You have to activate the secondary click function in System Preferences>Mouse. Then (you have to follow this order or it won't work) go to System Preferences>Expose & Spaces and in the middle portion of the screen on the right hand side you can set your secondary mouse button to open expose. I know this works, I've done it. The only problem is that you can't have your secondary button open expose and still keep its regular functions.

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  • I think apple is take it a lot of time to resolve this problem, all people love expose and spaces on their mouse , I THINK THIS IS THE 1ST PROBLEM OF THIS MOUSE, till apple release an update. we are waiting

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  • Yes and No.

    Yes, by pointing at a corner of the screen that you set up for an Expose function.

    No, you cannot do Expose by squeezing its sides like the the Mouse, formerly known as Mighty Mouse, as it does not have those side buttons.

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  • No, unfortunately not. But as an alternative: You can [in the Exposé & Spaces block in System Preferences] choose that when you move your mouse to a corner, exposé starts.

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  • The mouse cannot, but you can still use the Expose from your keyboard. Maybe this will be something they add with a firmware update in the future.

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  • if you mean show all windows, show desktop and zoom pics. No.

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