How accurate is the mouse?

I have a Razer Lachesis, and I know its not the same, but I wonder how it would compare. I know people may not understand the difference, but when it comes to graphic design, wired mice are the way to go. I'm tentative to even give this a try!

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    I am a graphic designer, so i pretty much design everyday of my life, and this mouse is incredibly accurate... I used to feel the same about a mouse, and say it has to be wired, but still ive given this one a try - and no looking back!

    The only thing sometimes, is when first starting to use it you may accidentally scroll whilst in your design applications, but after a couple of week you're fine and it never happens - like anything its just the odd adjustments to yourself which you make, so for me it was simply lifting my finger a little higher.

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  • I found the old bluetooth Mighty Mouse a little inaccurate, but I now have a bluetooth Magic Mouse and it is way more accurate and less laggy. It's as good as any wired mouse I've ever used.

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  • Mine arrived today and I'm very disappointed. On-screen tracking is poor, the cursor frequently sticks, making the mouse practically unusable. It's a big shame because I love the scrolling, swiping, zooming features, they work very well. I'm using it with Mac OS X 10.5.8 with the appropriate software update installed. I don't know if it would work better with Snow Leopard.

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  • The mouse has a 1300 dpi sensitivity.

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  • I just bought one and am very disappointed. In fact, I can't even use it. Terrible tracking, and cursor frequently sticks. It's like trying to herd a cat around the room. I'm using it with a brand new MacBook pro, fully current in every way. I may be interference of some sort, but there is nothing obvious. If I don't fix it soon, it's got to go back. In fact, I'm having to reach up and use my track pad to edit this because it has now lost access.

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  • the response time is amazing! this was my first question because old mighty mouse had a lag between moving mouse and cursor - this mouse is pure magic! very very responsive and accurate!

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  • very, this mouse is the best that ive ever owned.

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  • the mouse is amazingly accurate

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  • I'm at an Apple store right now and it seems to work as well as a wired mouse.

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