How long am I to expect the battery for this to last?

I am a pretty frequent user and within 4 days the battery is 81% already. Is this normal?

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    Mine lasted less than a month. I kept it on all day and only turned it off at night (that doesn't mean it was used all day though but I am a pretty heavy computer user). That's just from the batteries that came with it.

    I have rechargables in now that have been in there for less than 2 days. They are at 69% (but rechargeables in my experience do not last as long as disposable batteries).

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  • This will really depend on the type of batteries used.
    The batteries provided with the Magic Mouse, on average lasts 1-2 months for average computer users.

    Rechargeable batteries have approximately 3-6 weeks of use per charge, as they do provide less voltage (1.2V) compared to disposables (1.5V).

    Alkaline batteries will have approximately 2-6 weeks of use per set of batteries.

    Lithium batteries have approximately 2-4 months of use, and last by far the longest per set of batteries. Some claim to have 100% charge, while still in first month of use.

    So in the end, it depend on how often you will be buying batteries and how much you are willing to pay for a decent set of batteries.

    Hope this helps and answers your questions with much depth.

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  • I think the period would be about a month if I use it daily and continuously with regular batteries. Mine have lasted about two moths and something, but I use it only periodically over the day (only some hours), also I never turn it off, except if traveling (not even over nights).

    I changed the batteries about three weeks ago, I purchased common batteries, nothing fancy, and I still have 74% of battery. Hope this helps.

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  • I use a pair of NiMH 2000 mAH rechargeables on an older Magic Mouse. From full charge they last approximately a month of daily use, six hours a day. I believe there is auto power down circuitry built in and I don't physically turn it off.

    Duracell copper top alkalines will probably last longer but I've never tried running down a pair.

    IMHO, unless you don't mind tossing a pair of alkanlines every other month, get rechargeables, put a pair on charging standby. Cost effective too.

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