Is the magic mouse as accurate as a wired mouse?


Is the new Magic Mouse as accurate as a wired mouse?

I work on an 8 Core Mac Pro on two ACD 30"s in CS4 and FCPro and find the previous wireless mouse is too sloppy and slow to use in detailed work. But I would love this new one if it is a fast and as accurate as the wired mouse that Apple ship.



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    Typically, no wireless mouse will be as responsive as a wired mouse. This has to do with the simple fact of data thru put speeds and signal latency. Bluetooth is a relatively low speed and high latency technology. USB on the other hand has more than enough overhead to allow for EXTREMELY accurate input control. While this new mouse beats my old wireless mighty mouse in speed and accuracy it is no match for a high quality wired gaming mouse. Good mouse yes, gaming mouse NO!

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  • yes it is as accurate as the wired mouse but you have to be careful as on to which surface you use it because the laser in it cannot pick up some surfaces.

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  • I have not used the Apple wired mouse, but on a wooden desk the magic mouse does track pixel-by-pixel movement with no obvious problems. Input lag is present, I'm sure, but is not noticable for desktop browsing and most applications. You will start getting mouse disconnect problems when the battery gets low. Battery life is good for maybe a few months (that's with forgetting to turn it off most of the time). The almost-flush metal switch on the bottom is nicely out of the way, but requires a fingernail to flick and, for some reason, it's hard for me to remember to turn this mouse off at the end of the day. The 'magical' touch features are fun, nice, and mostly work very well. I like the aesthetics of Apple products, but I'd rather have a wired version of this mouse for higher accuracy/response and never need to change batteries again. I still tout the Logitech MX518 as the best mouse ever made.

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  • The Magic Mouse is much more accurate than a wired mouse.

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