Is the magic mouse good for gaming?

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    It depends on how serious of a gamer you are. If you really want the best for gaming then look for a wired gaming mouse. If your just a casual gamer then yes this is a decent mouse, not the best but defiantly up there.

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  • I have to say No. Any serious gamer would use a multi-button wired mouse; it has a quicker response and you can program those extra buttons.

    Unfortunately, the Magic Mouse 'as is' does cater for games, especially First Person Shooters or World of Warcraft. The Magic Mouse is capable of other games such as puzzle games or point and click.

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  • NO.

    You cannot click both mouse buttons at the same time. This is impossible to do on this mouse. A deal-breaker for most games.

    Otherwise it is an average mouse and you can use it for almost anything. Including casual games.

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  • Absolutely not! Horrible for gaming! Still usuable but it's annoying for games like GMod or Minecraft when you have to use the buttons quickly because the right-click sometimes becomes a left-click, plus, since these 2 games use the scroll feature for the toolbar. The magic mouse has horrible sensitivity with that kind of stuff and goes light speed when you scroll slightly, making a ear-screeching sound. Just use another mouse, doesn't HAVE to be wired though. Just good.

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  • I say NO! I like puzzle games like Bejeweled and it will randomly zoom in making game play impossible and I can't get it to zoom back out. This especially frustrating with timed games. The only solution I've found is to hit the back button which cancels the game :-(

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  • No, The magic mouse is'nt that great for Gaming(starcraft 2). I find that using the mouse is difficult because of how small in hight the mouse is. it's difficult to grab for accurate movements. also the lack of physical left/middle/right buttons makes it difficult to find the left right and center while in heavy stress situations.

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  • No, the scroll speed is way too high and sensitive for quick switching in weapons in games like Team Fortress 2 or Garry's Mod, even on the lowest sensitivity, maybe it depend on the game you play but I suggest something else.

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  • It is good though you will have to change the right click control for iron sights or scopes or overall whatever you use the right click for

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  • Not particularly. The scroll wheels on other mice have individual notches to indicate a single line moving by in the browser. This is annoying on most documents but in two games I play, Minecraft and Unreal, they represent exactly one item to the left or right in the tray. This is rediculously important for Unreal where switching weapons instantly is a Kill vs beKilled situation.

    Also Bluetooth doesn't have the best reputation for gaming. It can fail exactly when the most activity is happening and in games that is usually at the height of something important.

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  • I play CoD MW3 with my magic mouse. Its not perfect, but it gets the job done. I am not a hardcore gamer, but if you have this mouse and your a casual gamer it will do what you need it to do. Tip, keep your fingers to the top of the mouse, I find the higher your hand is, the more distinct of a difference you will find between left and right mouse. My brother got a Razor gaming mouse, and he bought his mouse double the price of mine, and we both play well. Its not the best, but not the worst either.

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  • depend on the situation mouse doesnt make you win or lose but the web you enter that might be have trick so be carefull in gaming

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