My current Mighty Mouse has two great side buttons that I use all the time to see all my open applications. Can I do that on the Magic Mouse?

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    No. The Magic Mouse does not have the side "squeeze" buttons that the Mighty Mouse had. I'm hoping they replace this functionality with additional gestures, like on the MacBook Pro trackpads.

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  • Magic Mouse does not have any built-in buttons for that functionality. You can, however, set up other ways to perform that action through the the "Exposé & Spaces" preference pane.

    There you can set an Active Screen Corner (which activates when your cursor is in the corner) or set a special key combination.

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  • No, I'm using one in the store right now and it doesn't have side buttons.

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  • I had the same question, and found the answer when I went to the apple store today. And sadly the answer no, you will have to use the keyboard. Hopefully there will be a software update in the future that will make expose easier, you also would have to use your widgets on the keyboard.

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  • Download the Magic Prefs app from the Apple site. It is a Magic Mouse add-on andgives you all the features that the mighty mouse has and then some. It even increases the tracking speed. Works great for me.

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  • YES YOU CAN! Just go to System Preferences>Mouse and activate the secondary mouse button, then go to System Preferences>Expose & spaces and in the middle portion of the screen you can choose to set your secondary mouse button to open expose (or it can open dashboard, which is what I prefer). You have to follow this order or it won't work. I know this works, I've done it (On a late 2009 iMac). The only issue is that your secondary mouse button loses its usual functions.

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  • No, unfortunately expose is not available on the magic mouse right now as there is no multitouch support on the sides of the mouse.

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  • Download magic prefs from the Apple Store. it's free and it allows you to set up loads of different actions including Expose

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  • I use mine all the time too. When I went to the store tonight, I found that there aren't gestures or settings to expose the applications this same way. But I didn't know until after coming home and reading the answers to other similar questions that you can just go to any corner of your screen and do the same thing. Hopefully they'll add the gestures, but until then, you're not Exposeless since you can move the cursor to the corners.

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