Will the Magic Mouse's blue tooth work well with the aluminum body of the MacBook Pro?

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    No problem. Current Bluetooth peripherals have no issues with any of the aluminum Macs.

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  • Yes, Bluetooth is 100% functional with your MacBook Pro,the aluminum causes no interference.

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  • The antenna for bluetooth is located inside the screen, thus it is not blocked by the aluminum.

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  • the aluminum body will have no effect, it would function perfectly

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  • Yes, the magic mouse will work fine with the macbook pro aluminium.

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  • The signal should be picked up fine; most Bluetooth accessories have a 15-foot range which should be more than sufficient (and barely reduced) by the metal enclosure of the MacBook Pro.

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  • Unlike most notebook PC's the Bluetooth modules on MacBook and MacBook Pro's has a proper antenna at the end of a fly lead. I would imagine this leads to optimal signal quality and range. A potential signal 'dead-spot' might directly underneath the notebook, which isn't likely to be problem for most users.

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  • It should work pretty much the same as any other Bluetooth device. I've used several (phones, mice, keyboards) and never had much of an issue. You may experience the maximum range that the mouse works at being shorter than with a non-metal enclosure, but for day-to-day use you should be fine.

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  • Try connecting your MBP to your phone using bluetooth. Most half decent phones have bluetooth these days. That's how I get photos off my phone.

    You can try different ranges to see if it affects it, it shouldn't anymore than wireless internet. Bluetooth will use a small amount of battery life so I normally turn it off when not using it.

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  • Absolutely, it works via Bluetooth but it's best to have the latest OSX installed.

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  • Shouldn't be a problem.

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  • The aluminum body of any MacBook or iMac will not affect the performance of bluetooth. Apple has used Aluminum extensively since the days of the powerbook to no fault.

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  • Of course it will. Apple would not have used materials that would interfere with the functionality of the Bluetooth transmitter. It would have been extremely counter-productive to do so.

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  • Yes. The Aluminum MacBooks (pros) have standardized Bluetooth, meaning a range of ~30feet.

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  • If other BT accessories work well, it will too. It's more dependant on your OS's version than the hardware. ake sure you are using the latest Snow Leopard or you'll be able to download the Magic Mouse Software Update through Apple Update very soon.

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  • The New mouse is working no problem with aluminum bodies within distance range. it's even working fine when they're 5 meters away!

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