will this mouse work with any bluetooth paired with my pc?

i currently have a intel based pc with os windows xp
i want to know that will magic mouse work with my bluetooth dongle device or i need to have one built in a mac?? Pls. help me guys. I'm really desperat to have this thing.
Thanx all.

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    I am not sure how it would work in Windows XP but I know it works in Windows 7 because I am current using it. It's just a point and click mouse (so you will lose the touch features).

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  • yes it will work. it disables features with the touch swipe design but works as a normal wireless mouse. the apple wireless keyboard works as well. it also depends on the computer your using. it must be bluetooth enabled to work with both the keyboard and the MM.

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  • Contrary to a previous answer, the Magic Mouse works as two-button AND scrolling wheel mouse on a Mac that runs Windows XP through VMWare Fusion 3.1. I had tried it with Excel, Internet Explorer and Safari for Windows on my Mac. The up-and-down scrolling works fine, but not side-to-side wipe. I haven't tried it with a Windows PC, as it has problems to even recognize my bluetooth dongle, let alone bluetooth devices.

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  • Yes but you need the drivers for the full features like if you have mac with boot camp the drivers on the os x install disk give you features like the trackpad and all of those good things. If you have an os x install disk give it a whirl. (If that doesn't break any rules Apple has :P)

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  • i am not aware about the rules apple have for it, but you can easily find some drivers online for it. Those are extracted from bootcamp updates. They enable what is aivalable to other bootcamp user, like 2 finger gestures like scrolling and point and zoom, tap to click and all those but no 3 or 4 finger gesture.

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  • On a Mac running Windows, the Magic Mouse only has basic functionality (point and click). Assuming that you can get it to work at all in Windows (and I really don't see why it wouldn't), that's probably what you'll get.

    So, yeah, unless you just love the design of it, I don't think I would advise this mouse for a PC.

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  • As far as I have read, the mouse will work as a standard point and click mouse with any machine PC or otherwise, but the features of swiping, scrolling, etc. are not guaranteed and likely wouldn't work. I have not personally tried it on my old PC though because it lacked bluetooth. In any case, you would probably be better off with a cheaper mouse that would be compatible with PC's natively.

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  • According to the requirements, only Macs are supported

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