Would this mouse be suitable for gaming? I have an iPhone, and each time i tap there is a 'delay'. Would this mouse be fast enough?

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    It depends on the gaming you plan on - if you are playing Call of Duty, or a similarly intense game, you might find being unable to use left and right click independently a bit challenging There will be no noticeable delay from a normal click to action, and the touch interface should be just as responsive. Once again though, if you plan on hardcore gaming, i would highly recommend a Razor, Microsoft, or Logitech mouse for the ease of use and game play compatibility. All these companies have very good mouse products, and will be compatible with OS X. If you are playing bejeweled, you'll be just fine with this :)

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  • I can see no reason why not. The act of clicking is a physical one; the processor simply detects where your finger is placed on the mousing surface and sends the appropriate left or right-click action. It can do this ahead of time, as there will always be some delay between your finger touching the surface and your finger pushing the surface down enough to register the click.

    There are added benefits to gaming—most notably the high-DPI laser sensor for higher precision—however there are some downsides as well. You can not (as far as I know) both left and right click at the same time; a feature often desirable for first person shooters, among others.

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  • this is not a gaming mouse and pro games will go for something more specialized and wired. that said, it's great for casual gamers playing games such as "the sims 3" or "tiger woods pga tour 09"

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  • I am not too sure, but my advice would be to use a USB-cord mouse for gaming if u are a high end gamer, coz gaming drains the life of wireless mouse fast... no matter how good the specs of the wireless mouse is...

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