Can the wireless keyboard power on a MAC Mini ? Does it have a power button to wirelessly power up a MAC Mini?

Enhancing the purpose of Wireless, does the wireless keyboard have a power button to power up the MAC Mini? That would be a great value add to the wireless keyboard.

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    Unfortunately, no. The power button at the side of the keyboard is used solely for powering the keyboard on/off to save battery power. The keyboard is Bluetooth-based, and unlike a USB hub which has a slight power draw that COULD allow it to "listen" for a power up command, the Bluetooth receiver on the computer is completely off so it won't receive/relay any commands to turn on.

    Like you, I miss the keyboard power button, especially since I have to reach around the back of my iMac and feel for the power button. However, it seems that Apple has chosen to remove the keyboard power button functionality from all of their new keyboards as well as their computers. Forums around the web indicate that even hooking up an older Apple USB keyboard with a power button to a newer Mac will not allow for power ons. This is apparently due to some 3rd-party USB hubs that were inadvertently causing the Macs to turn on on their own.

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