1. Can I rearrange the keys on the wireless keyboard to Dvorak configuration? Special tool needed? 2. Can I use 2 wireless keyboards with 1 Mac?

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    1. Yes, this is easy. You do not need a special tool. Using your fingers, pry the keycap up from the upper left or upper right corner. You will need to use some force, but don't overdo it; use the minimum amount of force necessary. The key caps will come up with two or three audible clicks. The keycaps have three parts: the square letter you push on and two pieces of white plastic that snap into the bed and into the back of the square. If you do it correctly, the two pieces of white plastic will stay attached to the bed. If the pieces of plastic come up with the square, you can snap them out (this requires a little delicacy) and put them back in the bed. Once you are used to the angle and force required, this happens very rarely. You reattach by putting the square down on the bed in the correct orientation and pushing down. There will be several audible clicks as the square engages with the white plastic. If it is loose, the white plastic pieces probably got misaligned when you took the square keycap off, just carefully attach them to the bed and try again.

    I would recommend extreme care doing this with any of the keys that are not square. They have different white plastic connectors and it is easy to damage them if you pull from the wrong direction.

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  • Rearranging your keys will void your warranty and will not work. For your 2nd question you can pair multiple keyboards and mice with your Apple Computer, with that being said it can also cause issues with interference.

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