is this keyboard better to use with the ipad then ipad keyboard dock?

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    I just got the iPad Keyboard Dock delivered. It has an excellent design, look and feel, but I am stepping out this minute to return it and get an Apple Wireless Keyboard instead. My reasons are that the iPad Keyboard Dock:

    1) does not support the iPad in landscape mode;
    2) requires you to remove the iPad Case to dock it;
    3) has a vertical iPad support that does not collapse, taking up a lot of space in the bag and making it more difficult to pack than the wireless.

    Obviously, the iPad Keyboard Dock has the benefit of concurrently charging the iPad and providing an audio line out jack, although you could easily use the Wireless Keyboard with an iPad while it is connected to any dock or charge cable.

    Really, the only two major benefits I see for the Keyboard Dock over the Wireless Keyboard are:

    1) currently you can't use Bluetooth on a plane, so the Wireless Keyboard would not be allowed;
    2) the Wireless Keyboard uses separate batteries.

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  • It depends on what you are looking for. The wireless keyboard costs more (compared to the all in one at the same price) and connects through Bluetooth versus connecting through the 10 pin connector, but you have flexibility. The iPad keyboard dock connector is connected, so if you aren't happy with the angle of the iPad, distance from your face to the screen, etc., then you may not like it.

    Personally, I think the best bet would be to get the dock connector ($29) and the wireless keyboard ($69) separately. It will cost more, but you should get the best of both worlds.

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  • It really depends on what you are doing with it and how comfortable you are with the touch screen keyboard. If you are looking to type many emails or documents up with the Ipad I say got for it. Plus if you have this and you have a Mac computer with blue tooth you can use it with that computer as well. It is really easy to pair it with both the Ipad and with an Imac and it is portable that you can put it away and take with you. I have one to use with my Imac and I love it cant wait to pair it with my Ipad when i get it.

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  • I would say so, I've chosen this over the ipad dock-keyboard because it is more useful if you can put it in your lap etc, i do recommend getting the ipad dock (without keyboard) with it though it will be a little more expensive but well worth it to be able to move the keyboard around and be able to put it in your lap or on a keyboard tray as it doesnt restrict you to just using it on a flat surface as the ipad dock-keyboard does.

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  • With the dock you get charging of the iPad and upright. With the wireless keyboard (my choice) you get better portability, and a solution that works well in a plane or other transportation.

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